Abigail Dayao – Telemedicine Nurse

abigail-tumang-dayao-formalHi! My name is Abigail Tumang-Dayao originally from Angeles City, Pampanga but now living in Bacolor, Pampanga. I am the youngest and only girl in our family. I came from a middle-class family. My mother went abroad to work and sustain our needs, particularly our education. My father died 5 years ago due to End-Stage Kidney Failure. My parents taught us to be independent, hardworking and to always respect others.

I got married in January 2018 and recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I can say my main reason for why I am looking for a home-based job is for my baby boy. I want to take care of him while working so I can also provide for him and help my husband build a good future for our family. My husband and I were classmates in college and are both registered nurses in the Philippines.

I graduated year of 2007 with a Degree in Nursing. I passed the local board exam for nurses in the same year and took the NCLEX examination for State of California and passed the exam in 2008 which makes me a USRN too. I am a compassionate registered nurse with broad skills and experience in healthcare including hospitals, clinic, home care and medical coding, working closely with doctors, patients and healthcare professionals.

During my time, the Nursing course was in demand which is why I wasn’t able to get a job as a Nurse right away. I had experience working as a volunteer nurse; which means that you are working without pay; and it was at that time I decided to work in a different field.

I have worked in various fields, one of them is being an Assistant Manager in a retail company here in the Philippines and in Oman. I guess it just shows that I abigail-tumang-dayao-vacationam flexible and willing to learn even though it is not my field of expertise. As an Assistant Manager, I learned to solve problems calmly, respect anyone even if they are of different cultures, religions, nationality, and status in life. To be a good leader, always put yourself in the shoes of others so you can understand and handle them well.

I have also worked as a Medical Coder in a BPO company and direct employer in Qatar where coding is not our only task. Our responsibilities include data entry and some administrative tasks such as charts management, updating and uploading of charts, sending medical records request through faxes or phone calls.

Recently, I worked as a Telemedicine Nurse and it is a home-based job where we review medical charts for consistency, accuracy and eligibility of the patients, make proper referrals to a physician and perform inbound and outbound calls.

Lastly, I can say that I am highly organised, committed to a client’s confidentiality and satisfaction. I am a fast learner, hardworking and always have the eagerness to learn and am open for improvement.

For a copy of Abigail’s resume please click here.