Aira Corocoto – General Virtual Assistant

aira-corocoto-portraitHi, there! My name is Aira but you can call me Ai or Aiai. 😀

I became a breadwinner at the age of 18. I had to stop schooling and look for a decent job to help my father earn a living. I lived independently for over 5 years in Manila leaving my family in our province to provide for their needs. I have two siblings and during those times, I had no one to depend upon as my sister began her own family earlier than expected and our youngest brother has special needs. I always accept what life has to offer but I never allow these circumstances to keep me down. My journey is full of ups and downs. Maybe that’s the result of me having this attitude of being content with what I have but never satisfied with what I can become.

I first landed a job through a relative as a clerk in a shopping mall, then I resigned and looked for another. I am a college undergraduate so I thought that I might have challenges landing a job in the corporate world because I am not a degree holder. Good thing that I was raised with a positive attitude and overflowing confidence. 😀 I was hired with my first attempt to apply as an Operations Assistant serving a multi-national company. Then I realised that I am longing for something else. Then I found the sales industry. To cut the long story short, I entered different sales companies: Real Estate, Auto Rental and Leasing, and Insurance. For over 5 years, my sales and admin skills were developed from being sales coordinator, sales agent to sales head.

Aira Corocoto Casual“Learning is the minimum requirement to succeed” as they say, so I never stop learning and I could say this has become my asset to easily familiarise the scope of my work and progress in every field the I have chosen. I can easily adapt to things and exceed people’s expectations. Selling and marketing is a wide scope that nourishes me as an individual and made me a better version of myself. My will ignites my natural skill to handle the womb to tomb process of sales and managerial approach. I once proved that educational attainment isn’t a hindrance to achieve your goals. With faith, perseverance, determination, smart work, and willingness to work, everything is indeed possible.

I am not successful yet but I have accomplished a lot and looking back, I can say that we were far from what we have now. I’m now 27 and though my father left us 3 years ago, I am grateful for seeing my family happy that now we (my mum, brother, and sister’s 2 kids) are living under one roof in a home we can call ours. We can now travel to places and eat foods we once dreamed of.

I know that I have come far and my journey has a lot of chapters to go still, so I won’t stop dreaming! I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for over 2 years now, I know I can do better and I have lots to offer! Thank you for taking the time to read my life story and I look forward to meeting you and discuss any opportunity we can work together.

For a copy of Aira’s resume please click here.