Alma Antones – E-Commerce and Social Media

alma-antones-vaHello, I am your next rockstar Social Media Virtual Assistant.

I love social media so much. From sun up to sun down, I always love engaging with all my virtual friends. One day, I realised that I can actually use my talent to make connections and earn at the same time!

I started browsing online to look for a possible work-at-home job. That’s when I learned about the world of Virtual Assistance. I wanted to learn how to become a VA. I took some trainings about Social Media Management. I learned that social media is not just about sharing your thoughts and posting random things online. You can actually use it to leverage your business.

I know freelancing is a competitive job, so I took intensive training on E-Commerce as I saw the demand for VAs who know how to navigate e-Commerce. I accepted different tasks and did some part-time work.

alma-antones-bondingBy the way, I am a mother of 2 teenagers, so I don’t have problems with time management. They are both responsible enough to do house chores.

Professionally, I am a Food technician but I prefer to be a housewife to take care of my kids and watch them grow. Now that they’re all grown-up, I decided to return to work at my own convenience and without the hassle of commuting.

I am looking forward to helping you run your business and building a strong friendly relationship.

For a copy of Alma’s resume please click here.