Almira Avila – Marketing and Executive Assistant

Virtual Assistant Almira AvilaHello! I am Almira Avila. I’ve been working in the industry for 4 years now. I started as a Freelancer for a viral video project, became a Marketing Assistant for a real estate company and had been given an opportunity to be a Publishing Specialist for a multinational company. Late last year, I also devoted my spare time as a part-time Online English Trainer for a Japanese company. Well, that’s the professional version of me — a career woman who strives hard every single day because she doesn’t know how to live an unproductive life.

Then again, I am more than just my career or previous jobs. I am also a human, breathing the same air and living on the same planet that you do. So let’s scratch that first paragraph and start over again, shall we?

Hello! I am Almira Avila. I am currently a work in progress. To tell you my story, we have to rewind back in 1993, Manila, Philippines. I am born out of wedlock, an illegitimate child raised in the arms of a nanny who loved and took care of me as her own. Despite the fact that I have 9 half brothers and sisters, my childhood is pretty normal and boring at the same time. I was always at the top of my class. I have a lot of friends. I did all those things that the 90’s babies are reminiscing about. I wasn’t deprived of all the material stuff a kid could ask for but I’m usually lonely and feeling alone when it comes to family matters — I see my mum every 6 months and my dad once a week.

The same usual things happened until the year of 2013 when I graduated college. To congratulate me for getting my degree in Communication Arts, my mother decided to cut my allowances off. I lost my nanny and I was left with nothing. Luckily, I got my first Freelance job a couple of weeks after graduation. My now-mother-in-law funded my everyday fare and some expenses until I got my first paycheck. After my first project, for personal reasons, I decided to look for an office job. I was hired after a month and I felt like things were finally going my way. Then again, the universe gave me the biggest plot twist of my life: I fell pregnant.

So let’s fast forward a little bit: I quit my job, moved to a new city, got married, had the baby, and pretty much started a whole new life. I accepted my fate and was feeling lucky all over again. Unfortunately, the universe wasn’t content with the plot twist that I had, so it gave me another one in 2015, where the first 3 months was a blur and I fell deep… all the way to rockbottom. But as they say, no one can really save you but yourself. I spent 2 months of healing and a month applying for all types of job. When I got the opportunity to work for a multinational company, it was my spark of hope. I was able to pick myself up and redeem myself as the woman and mother I was supposed to be.

To say that everything went fair and happily after that would be a lie — I am still struggling with the scars of my past. And late last year of 2018, I lost my Dad. In those days of grief, I found myself getting to know the man who I only saw a couple of days a year, through the stories shared by my older brother and sisters. Even with his own set of mistakes, he was still able to live life fully, did everything he could for his kids, helped a lot of people, and achieved his dreams. This made me re-evaluate my decisions and point of view in life. He became my inspiration in achieving my own dreams — I want to give my son a far better life than I had.

In my 4 years of working, I have mastered separating my personal and professional lives. However, my mindset has always been the same for both: trust the process. It’ll be difficult and might even be frustrating at times but it’s the process I should trust and follow in order to prepare myself for the better and bigger roles I’ll take on next. I know my story is not yet done, and to include you and your business as part of it, would be a great honour.

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