Alyssa Carla Lozada – Product Engineer, Surveillance Officer

alyssa-lozada-profile“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” ― B.B. King

Hi, I am Aly. A highly observant, proactive and competent individual that never stops learning! Back at university, I worked as a Student Assistant for months. It was great until mum told me to stop and focus on my studies! After five years, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree major in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I had my internship at an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices. I was a Product Engineer Trainee in Hydraulics and Test Team. I categorised bills of materials, shadowed testing mechanical parts and arranged blue prints of Boeing and Airbus planes. I also managed the tools and equipment used by Assembly Technicians.

Five months after my graduation, I got my first job. I was a Senior Surveillance Officer in the cruise lines industry from 2015 to 2019 with more than four years of experience in CCTV operations. My main role was to protect company assets and safety of crews and passengers. Other responsibilities are confidential as per my previous company’s policy. However, I will share with you what I have learned in this journey. I joined various cruise ships. I learned how to interact and deal with different individuals. I conveyed my skills and experience to my juniors. I conducted training programs and prepared them to be a skilled officer. I gradually improved my skills due to daily basis reports carefully investigated and analysed. I specialised in critical thinking, report writing, attention to details, strong work ethic and have the skills in handling CCTV equipment used for daily operations.

To be in this busy industry where I faced tyranic bosses and superiors, I learned how to handle pressure! This field helped me to excel my multi-tasking skills, adaptability, leadership, time management and communication skills. As a seafarer, I am familiar with personal survival techniques, crisis and crowd management. I attended drills every week to prepare myself during emergencies inside the ship. I had Customer Service Training, Anti-Money Laundering Courses, Harassment Retaliation Training, Scams and Frauds Prevention while onboard. Working on a cruise ship gave me the privilege of exploring different alyssa-lozada-outdoorsplaces. Every time the ship docks, another adventure awaits me outside. That is just so overwhelming! New faces, new place and fresh air!

I usually spend my time hiking, going to the beach and parks. Of course, the most interesting part – eating local foods in each country I visit! It made me learn to appreciate and live my life to the fullest (Yes, while I am still single).

Sometimes, I prefer to be alone and have peace of mind. I do arts, crafts, read Anime and motivational books or anything that I know I will learn something new. Oh! And I studied how to read and write Hangeul!

I do believe that my motivation, commitment and skills will allow me to fit into your work environment and support the needs of your organisation. Exceeding your expectation is my top priority. Again, this Aly, hoping to be your ‘Ally’. Thank you for your time.

For a copy of Alyssa’s resume please click here.