Alyssa Roxanne Tuangco – Graphic Artist and Videographer

Alyssa Tuangco SittingHi, I’m Alyssa!

Born October 10, 1991 to two talented parents, I am an only child. I was raised alone by my mum while my father worked abroad to provide a great future. What I am today was because of how I was raised and I thank my parents for that. Now enough of the drama! Who is Alyssa?

I am an introvert who overcomes her fear by b/vlogging. Now before that, let’s backtrack a little bit. Back in high school I was a shy person and I needed a place where I could be myself and that’s where I found my hobby in figure skating, I used to compete nationally and internationally while my mum accompanies me.

One of the highlights of my whole high school life was when I was awarded the “Bodily-Kinesthetic award” during our graduation and my parents placed a medal around my neck. It was such a fulfilling feeling that my parents felt proud. Even at a young age I tried to figure out where I could channel my creativity.

During my college days, I retired from figure skating and joined the pep squad (cheer-leading squad) and became a flyer – yup that’s the person you throw! I guess there’s also a part of me that likes discipline that’s why I joined these kinds of groups. However, I focused on my studies nearing my college graduation and made sure I learned a lot from my major classes. I was a Multimedia Art student. I loved a lot of our subjects there especially the photo, graphics, and video ones. The ones I hated were coding and drawing… I’m a frustrated artist. 🙂

Alyssa Tuangco doing a VlogAnyway, when internship came I interned at L’Oreal Philippines and I loved every single day I went to that office. I loved my colleagues and the job I had there, which was designing salon displays. I also interned at F1 Hotel, which is a great hotel located at BGC. That was the time I realised I was not cut out for office work – the commute, waking up very early in the morning just to travel to the office, and a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good workplace and I learned a lot from there.

After graduation, I let myself enjoy the free time I had before working. After 5 months of unemployment, I finally hit a wall and looked for a job as a graphic designer. I landed my first online job with Clozette and it was a great atmosphere. I learned a lot and improved my design skills.

After 6 months of contract with them, I got my first VA opportunity with a UK based company. I helped a lot with their Amazon page, brochures, cutting images, etc. I was lucky to stay with them for 4 years. The next job I got was finally about video editing – and I really loved doing the work. I have been doing it for almost 4 years now, including editing my own videos. Since then I have enjoyed working at home and being in the presence of my loved ones. In fact, I really don’t see myself ever working at an office.

Now, I said earlier that I was b/vlogging. It started in 2014 as a hobby when my church friends urged me to start up my own blog and channel my voice and creativity there. Taking photos is one of my favorite things do, and while blogging was a thing back then, I started taking videos of what I ate as well. Oh yeah! I blog about my food experiences.

I ventured into vlogging where I talk to the camera while a lot of people look at me like some kind of a weird person. Overtime, I gradually overcame being an introvert. I still get a little shy when I talk to new people. But I push myself to be better. Doing this I also push myself to become a better creator and improve my skills.

For a copy of Alyssa’s resume please click here.