Alyssia Valentin – Marketing Manager

alyssia-valentin-profileOne of the beautiful aspects of life is that it can take us to unexpected places. It took me many years in corporate jobs that I could not find purpose in to realise that I had a desire to blaze my own path and create my own definition of “success.” Armed with everything I learned in business school at the University of Phoenix, I decided to start my own business.

When I started working as a Virtual Assistant in the summer of 2017, I knew I wanted to partner with others who had big visions, worked from the heart and lived authentically. I started using the knowledge I already had in prior administrative roles, and provided general Virtual Assistant services. As I deepened my skills through online courses and classes, I quickly realised my knack for marketing. I re-directed my path and honed in on continuing my education in marketing (my courses continue today).

Today, I am happy to support soul driven businesses with marketing and social media management. Partnering with teams and individuals who do meaningful work in the world fulfills me!

I specifically enjoy working with CRM systems – Convertkit, Ontraport and Mailchimp. Some of my best creative work is content generation and designing newsletters. I know funnels, email sequencing, launch campaigns, landing pages, list alyssia-valentin-by-the-gardenbuilding and contact management.

On the Social Media Management side, I’ve planned and facilitated promotion campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. I’ve managed online communities of over 7,000 people. I plan and execute monthly content calendars, hashtag research, data analysis, and am now learning Facebook pixels and how to run more complex Facebook Ad campaigns than I have in the past. I’ve held the keys to many business Facebook pages, and have facilitated audience growth by the thousands organically in just a few months. (The pathos of marketing is my superpower).

I do quite a bit of website updating, oversee membership sites, and operate on the fundamentals of SEO. I manage blogs with editing, proofreading, and writing. I am now working on a guest post for a blog with quite a large audience, which I am very excited about! I am well versed in podcast management on Libsyn, setting up and supporting webinars in Zoom.

I have a deep interest in psychology and writing, and am content that I use both of those in my daily work. Some of my future goals are taking more industry specific copywriting classes, and to launch my official website (probably on Squarespace because its my favorite platform to work with) in the first quarter of 2020.

For a copy of Alyssia’s resume please click here.