Amos Sayco – Executive Assistant

amos-sayco-vaHi! My name is Amos Sayco, most of my friends call me AJ. Married to a beautiful and loving wife, and a father of two kiddos.

I am young when it comes to “professional” experiences. But I am not inexperienced when it comes to life. I lived a hard knock life before I started to take life seriously. But when I met my wife and had our kids. I said to myself, I need to start taking life seriously and stop taking things for granted. Be brave in facing new challenges and step out of my comfort zone. This is when I start to look for a stable job.

My very first job was as a Customer Sales Representative in a BPO company. Here is where I was trained like never before. Learned the value of integrity, reliability, and professionalism. Everything that I learned there, I kept in my heart. This experience made it easier for me to adapt from transitioning to work from home. And so I thought.

After that, I worked again as an office-based Virtual Assistant. Here is where I actually started to love what I am doing. Hearing/talking to your client first-hand is something. Unconsciously I was happy and always smiling whenever I hear feedback from them. I got addicted to that feeling, knowing you are contributing to their company. But then, the pandemic struck.

amos-sayco-vaOffices closed down and cities were on lockdown. I had to find a job to feed my family. So I worked as a System and Admin Manager for a few months. It was hard at first. Multi-tasking to the highest level, managing all the tools, and updating all the campaigns. Oh, I forgot, the daily coaching of cold callers before their shifts start and give them best practices. But then, I have to leave that job. I got sick and needed to rest for a few months.

After that, I worked as a Virtual Assistant to a Real Estate company that is based in Australia. I worked with them for almost three years. Working with their database, updating/cleaning their contact/property lists, and daily reporting. But they had to let us go due to cost-cutting.

And now I am here, searching for stable and permanent work. With all the experiences and struggles that life gave me. I believe that I will be the best fit for anyone who is in need of my service.

I am hardworking, easy to adapt to any situation given, reliable, passionate with what I do and I have integrity. I always find ways for us to get the job done easier and faster without compromising the quality of the work. I believe that if you put your 100% into everything that you do. It will be given back to you 101%. I am also adept at multi-tasking, I think I work best when I have a lot of things at hand. I am highly open to feedback and improvements. In able for me to grow and learn.

Having all that, I am looking forward to being working and facing and challenges that will come my way.

For a copy of Amos’s resume please click here.