Ana Jane M. Gonzales – CSR and Administrative Assistance

ana-jane-gonzales-profileGood day! I’m Ana Jane Gonzales, and I prefer to be called AJ. I’m 38, a full-time wife and a mother of three. Well, make that 7 since I have 4 furbabies too.

I have over a year of experience as a General Virtual Assistant from December 2017 to January 2019. I worked for an Australian Vegan Chef and I used to manage all his social media accounts, website/blogs and occasionally respond to his clients when he’s not readily available via Zendesk.

Eventually, he taught me how to edit, design and publish their weekly digital magazine and I must say, I enjoyed it more than my initial tasks! Though I’m technically savvy since I’m a Computer Programming graduate, I owe a lot of my VA skills to this job as I’ve been introduced to a variety of web-based platforms to help my boss with his business.

It was such a memorable year for me, though I had to leave to explore other opportunities to better support my growing kids. Prior to that, I had over 4 years of experience as a Sales Representative, Technical Support Specialist and Customer Service Representative with 3 different Business Process Outsourcing companies here in the Philippines, respectively. All those cater to huge US-based telecoms such as ana-jane-gonzales-celebrationSprint, AT&T and Tmobile. With that, I believe I’d make a valuable addition to any team as I have more than enough customer service experience to provide clients with quality support for their business.

I’m very easy to train and work independently, but I also make a good team-player. I’m very keen to learn new ideas and skills because I find it very fulfilling to expand my knowledge about practical stuff.

I’d also like to mention that I’m also an artisan by heart, since I appreciate all forms of art. I love crafting and cake designing – a business I’d like to pursue one day. I also once enjoyed being part of a local theatre group who ran a number of musical plays in our area, and taught theatre arts to kids one summer in 2014. Given these traits, you can pretty much say that I’m a passionate person. I’d love to land a job that would really interest me because I believe in what they say: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

For a copy of Ana Jane’s resume please click here.