Angelica Rockwell – Administrative Assistant

Angelica Rockwell ProfileHello! This is Angelica Rockwell. I am pleased to be a Filipino with an American name. And with a name that mine, you may think me holy-like, yet kindly don’t! Because I am not kind, I am just a decent individual. Everybody says I am a contender as well and I feel that is the reason I can surpass any difficulties thrown at me.

My story starts like this.

My great grandfather was in the US Military and was assigned to work here in the Philippines. He by then had a family, and one of those children is my grandfather.

Our family is not as rich or abundant as you may think. I experienced childhood in a poor family with a ton of judgmental relatives surrounding us. We’re 7 siblings, and I’m the fourth child.

None of my siblings graduated from college, as my parents couldn’t bear the educational costs and other school expenses. I chose to take a shot at my very own after I graduated in secondary school and concentrated on supporting angelica-rockwell-in-the-gardenmy school needs. I figured I could prevail, however sadly, my body and brain endured only a year of it. I stopped studying and worked to help my parents by providing them with money for living expenses. To cut a long story short, I was, and still am, the provider in our family. My father still works but it isn’t enough to cover all of our needs. I generally ensure that my family has something to eat regardless of whether I am not eating or not. I even tried going to work with no breakfast. Eating lunch for me was heaven when my co-workers shared some of their food with me. Generally when supper arrived I often went without as I was generally resting. These struggles are my motivation in life.

In 2013, I chose to join the BPO Industry. I experienced diverse values of colleagues and people. Some of them are useful and constantly positive in life, however a large portion of them are narrow-minded, taking credit to save their rear end, control tripper, and back contenders. At that point, I figured out how to communicate with these sorts of personalities.

But there were several instances where I encountered serious scenarios which taught me how to respond appropriately. Those were the times when my supervisor treated me as a low-life, humiliating me in front of everyone and saying things that were simply unreasonable. I chose to leave and chose not to take any legal action. In the long run, I became a Team Leader for more than 3 years. I came to understand why some Supervisors are not afraid to humiliate an Agent, that there are positive and negative approaches, and it’s simply that I encountered the latter approach. Some agents are not cooperative, refuse to listen, and do not even work hard on their own. Patience and respect for me are the keys in order to align a team. But after years of working hard, I still did not receive the appreciation I deserved which lead me to leave from being a Team Leader and work again as an ordinary Agent.

The last exercise I learned is that in order for you to prevail within this sort of industry, distance yourself from negative people and figure out how to get things done without anyone else… but never forget to fight for what is right regardless of whether you are confronting the entire world that is reprimanding you or disparaging you. I do understand that challenges never end, so I am glad to confront every one of them.

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