Ann Margaret L. Ylanan – Administrative Assistant

ann-margaret-ylanan-vaPeople often need help in planning and deciding about their career path. Such help includes figuring out what kind of work they want to do and how to go about doing it. It also includes planning and feeling in control of their future, exploring possible careers, building confidence to do what they want and solve problems that might get in the way. Like most people, you may need this help because you are facing a change in your life like going from high school to college, from school to work, or from one job to the next. The change means making choices.

Hi! I am a ‘goal digger’ and this is my career story.

My name is Ann Margaret Ylanan, 25 years of age, born and raised from Queen City of the South, Cebu City, Philippines. I have a 1 year old daughter and a partner who is working at home, managing our small business and doing a part time job as a Technical Support Representative.

2014, after all the paper works, projects, video presentations, writing of news articles and scripts, radio broadcasting, mind blowing examinations, I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. Two weeks after my graduation I realised that the degree I took isn’t the role that will fulfill my dreams and goals. The difficulty in landing a job and the need for financial support made me realise that it doesn’t matter what kind of job I get as long as it pays for my needs and provides for my wants.

I ventured into the BPO Industry and was hired as a Customer Service Representative. My line of work was for a Credit Monitoring Company. I stayed for about 11 months and then was transferred internally to a Telecommunications Company account. My tenure in the BPO world taught me many things and molded me to become a better person and a good employee. I understood the importance of each company’s’ rules, communicating with different individuals, and the hunger for personal and career growth.

It was a leap of faith when I made a switch in my career from a Call Center Agent to an Office Girl. I applied and was hired in a Project Management Company. They provide office and house furnishing or renovations and also build and design skyscrapers. I worked as a Project Coordinator. It was a project based job wherein whenever we finished a project, it is with the discretion of the company to rehire you for another project if they see fit. This type of job really fit me well because I stayed until the project was completed and was luckily hired as a Leasing Officer from one of our clients. Now, I am the one responsible for finding tenants and managing the building we previously built with the project team. Currently, the building is 99% occupied and I am a proud contributor in the growth and success of the company.

I believe that my motivation skills and dedication to work are a few of my great feats that helps me deliver quality and excellent results.

Again, I am ‘goal digger’, and this is my career story.

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