April Ranel M. Escobillo – Marketing Officer

april-escobillo-formalI am equipped with experience in marketing from working as a Marketing Head of a local private company here in the Philippines. I have handled a lot of companies from different industries in the past such as restaurants, malls, agricultural products, water systems, and industrial products. I have experienced doing both digital and traditional marketing and have worked with different kinds of people from different industries.

Aside from Marketing skills, I am also equipped with Communication skills as I have a degree in Communications Arts major in Media Arts. This is where I acquired my knowledge in maximising different kinds of medium for different purposes. I have also learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, scriptwriting, and even magazine, newspapers, and corporate letter writing. As a graduate of one of the most premiere schools in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines, I was trained to do research and to back up my solutions and recommendations with studies or data.

Before getting the position that I have now, I started as a Marketing Staff Member and learned the nitty gritty of marketing. I think that this was necessary for me to have a better understanding of Marketing, so I can relate with my people and know what solution to provide.

april-escobillo-vaMy goal for myself is to learn and continually grow as I go because I believe learning is the point of living. I believe that no matter who you are or what you’ve achieved in life, there’s always room to learn and grow. No one knows all the information and the world, and what we can do is to aim to have as much information as we can in this lifetime. This is one of the reasons why I applied as a Virtual Assistant. My other reason, which is my motivation, is to provide a better life for my family here in the Philippines.

My goal for any brand or company that I will be working on and with is to provide solutions to their problems and help them in achieving their company’s goals. I want to be an instrument for the growth of their company, while I grow with them. Finally, I want to establish a system with them that they can use so they can stand on their own. Seeing businesses grow with my help is such an achievement, and I am excited to share my knowledge and skills and as well as learn from them.

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