Ariane L. Layug Mallari – Sales & Librarian

ariane-layug-mallari-profileIf you are looking for someone who listens well, follows instructions, is easy to work with, thirsty for knowledge, open-minded, a team player who loves self improvement, friendly and maintains a good and positive attitude, then allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Ariane Layug but I just got married so my last name is now Mallari. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Library and Information Science. I passed the board exam and is now currently working as a professional librarian. My course is not very common here in the Philippines and most of the time, people are unaware that a course dedicated for libraries actually exists. My job usually consists of cataloging and classifying of books, data entry and maintenance, producing reports and other needed documents, and interacting with different clients. Most people think that working as a librarian is an easy task, well, it’s not. The job requires a lot of skills, patience, hard-work and diligence. This job has taught me to be responsible, consistent and determined so that I will be able to give and meet the needs of my clients.

Being a librarian helped me develop the skills that I have now such as organisation and management of documents, emails, etc., accurate data entry, efficiency in using Microsoft Offices, Google Docs, Prezi and Canva, reliable customer service skills, research skills and a good ariane-layug-mallari-bondingcommand of the English language.

Other than my librarian job, I was also able to work at BPO companies as a Customer Service representative and as a sales representative. I also worked as an online English Teacher. You can say that I am used to interacting with people over the phone, through a camera or even in real life. I have always wanted to work online but since the competition is a bit tight, I was only able to get one client whom I had to write a story for and it was a one time job. When I first started setting up for an online job, I really did not have much experience or resources but now it is different. I believe that with the skills that I have acquired and developed, I will be able to meet the needs of my clients.

I am also the type of person who is willing to be trained to meet expectations, that is why I constantly watch videos and tutorials to learn new things. I am open to criticisms/suggestions and use them to improve myself and my service. I maintain professionalism all the time because I believe that being professional in your job covers respecting your clients, taking your job seriously, and to have that motivation and determination to deliver the product/service that the client deserves.

Though my job seems to be very serious and boring, I never forget to have fun while working, to meet new people, to gain friends, to experience new things and to have all things positive. I love expressing myself through writing stories, songs (lyrics), poems, etc., and drawing. I also love watching movies, animes and KDramas. I believe that life is beautiful and so are people.

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you!

For a copy of Ariane’s resume please click here.