Arthur Campoy – Video Editing

arthur-campoy-formalHey! Arthur here.

I grew up with a very loving family and I am the youngest of 4 siblings. I studied Electronics Engineering at University of Baguio but I never got to practice this profession because my heart has always been for multimedia. Editing photos and videos has been my hobby since I was in High School. Growing up, my family never really showed any interest in this kind of stuff, they just like to do what they learned to do. One day they saw me editing photos and they realised that I really love doing this kind of work. They urged me to pursue it and supported me all of the way.

At first, my friend and I started a Vlogging website about his every day life. I used to film and edit his videos. That went on for some time but we both became busy, mainly because we needed to get fulltime jobs.

I scored a job with a multimedia company, editing wedding and other event videos, and sometimes I also captured videos. After that my love for multimedia grew even bigger. I started freelancing and I began getting commissions from people arthur-campoy-vastarting their Vlogging sites. I helped create logos and video intros for them as well. It’s always fun doing a job you love. It’s also very fulfilling when you see a response that says “Awesome” or “This is very good” and that motivates me even more. I use these comments as inspiration to learn new things. Even today I am still learning and that’s the fun part of this job because you always learn something new everyday. It’s also exciting because every client that you work with is different.

Over time, my passion for the work dulled and I hit a slump. That was when I looked for other work and secured a new job with LG Electronics in technical services. I worked with LG for 3 years and every now and then some people would hire me to edit some of their videos or want me to create videos for them. During my time at LG, I had a great experience talking to a lot of people. I am a very shy person which is why I chose to work as an editor at first.

But now that I have got a feel for the outside world, I think it’s time for me to go back to what I really do love which is creating and editing beautiful videos.

For a copy of Arthur’s resume please click here.