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Top 10 Platforms for Collaborating With Your VA

Working efficiently with a Virtual Assistant requires a little bit of planning. Since you and your VA won’t be sitting side by side, completing a task requires tools to allow you to effectively collaborate and ultimately make things easier for everyone! Below are the top 10 platforms you can use for collaborating with your VA and other team members. Skype [...]

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Mailene Dumajel and Her Dreams for Her Family

Mailene Dumajel is a wife and mom of two adorable kids. She has been with the Virtual Assistant Team for a while working directly with clients, and at one stage performing project management as part of the Syntax Marketing family. On the weekends Mailene enjoys watching animated movies with her kids. As a family, they like doing karaoke and singing [...]

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Some Facts about The Philippines

The Philippines is a South-East Asian archipelago located between the Philippine Sea and South China Sea. It used to have 7,107 islands, but a recent mapping project found 534 more undiscovered islands, pushing the number up to 7,641. It is divided into three major island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The country’s capital city is Metro Manila. It is located [...]

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How to Manage Your Time as a Remote Worker

Time Management Tips for Virtual Assistants There are many benefits that come with working as a Virtual Assistant. For one, you have the convenience of working from the comfort of your own home or home office. Another upside is avoiding that stressful rush to get ready for the commute to the office. We’ve all been there – rain, hail or [...]

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Charlie Tumala’s Ultimate Dream Travel Destination

Charlie Tumala is a mother of four incredible kids. She’s a fun-loving person who hates being bored. She always seeks adventure and searches for unique ways to keep her hands busy. Working from home allows her to work on her self-growth and be a mother at the same time. On days when she’s not working, she likes resting and spending [...]

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Dropbox Tips for… Everyone!

File sharing is crucial when it comes to a virtual office setting. There may be times when your client would want to share a huge file with you, but is unable to send through Skype or Email because of their limited capacity. This is where a cloud storage service comes into play. More and more people are now using Dropbox [...]

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Samantha Ferraren: On Being a Qualified Accountant in the Virtual World

Samantha Ferarren is an Accountant by profession. Sam earned her MBA degree in 2015 and is now a Certified Public Accountant. She has been with Syntax Marketing for almost a year now and enjoys working with her client Susan Blizzard, President and Co-founder of Blizzard Internet Marketing. We interviewed Sam to get her take on what life is like as [...]

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Configuring Email in Microsoft Outlook

When it comes to working in a virtual office, email is one of the most effective tools for communication. It is used for file sharing and for sending other confidential information.Most clients prefer to use a customised email based on their company’s website url. To configure your personalised email in Microsoft Outlook, here’s what you need to do:  Open Microsoft [...]

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How to Use Hootsuite (Social Media Scheduler )

Social media has become an integral part of business growth. As a virtual assistant, you might be given the task of managing your client’s social media to boost their online presence. The key to having an established social media profile is to post regularly. To help make things easier, you can use a social media scheduler. One of the most [...]

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Meet Jonnah Varquez and Her Love for Outdoor Adventure

Jonnah Mae Varquez is the eldest of two siblings. She has been with Syntax Marketing for more than a year now working as a Virtual Assistant. A free spirited individual, Jonnah loves traveling and going on extreme outdoor adventures during her free time. Here are a few other interesting things we've learned about her. 1.) Aside from working as a [...]

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