Barbara Ginger De Guzman – Certified Bookkeeper/Accounting Assistant

barbara-de-guzman-profileTo my future client,

You can just call me Barge. I could be a great support system for your career and business goals. I make sure I could deliver on time and can work with little supervision. I’m aware that being attentive to instructions of tasks is always important, it would save us time and be more efficient.

With my remarkable experience in the Bank and Finance Industry, I have gained competitive skills in the administrative, accounting, and marketing field. I have displayed multi-tasking, critical thinking, and customer service in my previous role.

I have been an all-around administrative clerk in the bank. My tasks include, but are not limited to, generating and monitoring reports, processing and confirmation of financial transactions, verification of ID’s and other supporting documents, handle client’s concerns and queries and come up with possible solutions, doing daily call-outs to market financial products, spreading product awareness, and other tasks that are assigned from time to time.

Besides, I’m proud to say I have a Career Service Professional eligibility and a Bookkeeping Certification here in the Philippines. I do hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management.

I have also past experiences as an online freelancer, and I have done transcribing and data entry on Upwork. I’m proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Apps, barbara-de-guzman-casualDropbox, Quickbooks, Slack, Trello Boards, Jibble, and Open Office.

If I’m asked what’s my strongest skill, I would say it is Bookkeeping. I was passionate about my accounting subject back when I was in college. If I have a chance to improve in this area I would definitely grab the opportunity and learn more. Recently, I have acquired a certificate of training completion in Quickbooks which I can use with my future bookkeeping activities.

I have also invested in further improving and developing other skills that I can offer online. I have devoted my time to watching tutorials on freelancing skills. I have joined Facebook groups that are into virtual assistance and freelancing, watched and participated in other webinars, and I have bought online courses for this.

Another fact, I do love to be organised in all things. I could help organise files and data for you.

Rest assured, I would be reliable for the tasks I’ll be assigned to. I’ll ensure that I’m not just here to do the tasks, I’m also here for you.

For a copy of Barbara’s resume please click here.