Carla Danielle Sismar – Office Administration

carla-danielle-sismar-formalHi! I am Carla Danielle,

April – May year 2010, I took a summer job in order for me to buy things for the incoming school year. Luckily, my parents enrolled me in one of the prestigious schools in the city. After one semester, I decided to transfer to a school that offered a cheaper tuition fee because I was worried about our finances, knowing that my father is a labourer and my mother is a job order in the Barangay. Plus, my younger sister was incoming to college as well.

During my 3rd year in college, I looked for a part-time job in one of the malls to sustain our daily needs. I worked as a kid attendant/cashier/crew in a kid’s playhouse. During this time, my mother was dismissed from her job when the new Barangay Captain decided to change all the employees in the Barangay.

In 2015, my sister and I graduated together. I took up Bachelor in Elementary Education, but my first choice was a business course because it’s my dream to work in the office and to manage a business. I tried to apply in offices but I was rejected many times. It was hard looking for a corporate job with my educational background. I planned to earn units in a business course but I realised it would be an added burden to my parents. A few months later, my friend told me to apply in one of the schools in the city since they are looking for a registrar. Luckily, I was hired as a teacher even though I wasn’t a board passer yet at that time.

I enrolled myself in a review center in the city and took the weekend class. I took the board exam in September 2015 and failed. I felt sorry for my parents because their eldest daughter failed in the board exam. They told me to retake the exam in March 2016 so I did and luckily I passed the exam. I saw how happy my parents were.

I resigned from the school and was luckily hired for a corporate job. I learned to make daily sales reports, daily, weekly, and monthly inventory reports. After 6 carla-danielle-sismar-profilemonths, I resigned and took a permanent job. I applied again as a registrar since this is the closest to my degree but I didn’t make it.

I am working as a public teacher for 2 years now. I always feel exhausted, maybe because I am not happy with my job. I learned a lot in this field because of the paperwork, numbers to be computed, doing the research for the planning, and making year-end reports. I also enhanced my editing skills using Photoshop since I am the one making the banners, ribbon, souvenir programs and certificates.

Now, I am planning to enter the online workforce and because of my determination, I am already a transcriber in QA World. Unfortunately, at present there’s no available audio to transcribe. I took another job at Remotask where I did image segmentation.

Learning is a continuous process. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials in Email Marketing because I want to discover more of what more can I do. Just one step at a time.

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