Carla Peco – CSR, Team Lead

carla-peco-profileI am a graduate of Nursing, but I wasn’t able to pursue it due to unfortunate circumstances.

I worked in the call center industry for 9 years. I have a background in customer service and collection. I started as a technical support representative for an internet service provider based in the US. I also worked as a technical support representative in a cloud-based phone system also based in the US. I mainly assist the customers in troubleshooting and resolving their concerns. I did upselling too. Once I resolve the customer’s concern, we encourage them to upgrade their service. I also worked as a resolution specialist in a Debt Collection company based in Australia and New Zealand. We did end to end collection. I did skip tracing, generated and located leads, and eventually contacted delinquent payers and offered assistance to resolve the debt.

I began working in the BPO industry the same way most people have. I started as an agent. I was thirsty for growth and development. I applied for a higher position and became a Quality Assurance Specialist in the same collection company. I listened to calls and evaluated it using the score sheet that we have. I made sure that agents comply with the debt collection guidelines by providing real time feedback, conducting QA talk and facilitating team huddle. After more than 2 years of being a QA, I was promoted as a team leader. Most of my tasks are administrative. I supervise teams with 8-12 carla-peco-swimmingteam members. I take escalated calls, conduct coaching sessions, create reports to show the results of my team’s monthly target. I checked and evaluate schedule adherence, conversion rate, and daily cash collection.

I am very eager in learning new things. I believe if I stop learning, I stop growing so I would always go to YouTube and watch different tutorials. I also worked as a VA in a real estate company.

During my free time, I am always in the kitchen baking cakes and cookies. I found this passion in baking 3 years ago when I successfully baked a cake using a rice cooker. Eventually, I bought my oven and it became a hobby. I also teach my 4-year old daughter how to bake. I can say I’m a multi-skilled virtual assistant you can rely on. I am flexible, reliable and I value time. I am very particular when it comes to time. Time is money. Wasted time is wasted money.

I’m looking forward to being a part of your team and adding value to your business.

For a copy of Carla’s resume please click here.