Cessna Lyn Abella – Writing, Customer Service

cessna-lyn-abella-formalHi there!

My name is Cessna Abella. I am 32 years old and I have over 5 years of customer service experience/technical support and a few sales.

Talking to customers and helping them out are my expertise as well as my fulfillment. I have had experience working with a big Telecommunications company in Australia for more than 5 years and it was the best experience ever. I met some of the most amazing people that I consider, to this day, as my best friends and family. I simply love interacting with different people and learning from them.

I started as a customer service representative, receiving inbound calls, logging reports, testing phone lines, and scheduling technicians. Later on, we were cross-trained to work as level 2 technical support, working with technicians and liaising with different departments to program lines.

It was hard at first but my curious mind has always got me through fixing customer’s issues. I truly believe in thinking outside of the box because not only did that fix telephone issues in half the time, it also became the basis for the workaround for the next batch of trainees.

I can say I’m the first to see the silver lining in any adversity and that’s what got me through the 5 years with my former company.

I also have experience in sales handling travel tickets for Filipinos abroad who want to go home (ASAP tickets). We find the cheapest flight rates, create itineraries and perform post-sale care.

I am an English Major from Cebu City and I love arts, culture, and sustainable living. I studied linguistics and literature so creativity is my arsenal.

I find myself fascinated and amazed at different cultures and ways of life, and would love to be able to travel to Asian countries (after this pandemic).

cessna-lyn-abella-readingOff the job, I love to write short stories and research on how I can be a better gardener 🙂 I simply find happiness in the simplest of things like our lemon tree. I recently joined the vegan and healthy lifestyle bandwagon, drinking lemon water in the morning, juicing moringa and beets and munching on kale 🙂 I simply love all things natural, organic, and sustainable because it makes me feel more one with nature.

I always look forward to progress and always challenge myself to be better. My attitude in life is to become the best version of myself because that is where you begin to attract success.

I hope to be working with you very soon!

For a copy of Cessna’s resume please click here.