Charlene Tapiru – Administrative and ESL Tutor

charlene-tapiru-adventureHi there, my name is Charlene but to my friends I am Cha.

I have gained a lot of experiences ever since I started working. A little back story…

After giving birth to my son in 2010, I immediately looked for a job to support his needs. I started as an ESL tutor for Koreans while working at home and it was really convenient for me since I can also take care of my son. When he grew a little older, I entered the corporate world and worked as a customer sales and service representative for almost 7 years. While I was doing okay with my job, I realised that I need to give more attention to my son because he was not coping in school very well. My husband works overseas and only comes home every 8 months. That is when I decided to quit my corporate job and find a home-based job that would suit me.

My freelancing journey is so diverse. Aside from being an ESL tutor for Chinese students, I also have experience with handling US healthcare. However, I needed to quit my night shift job since it has already taken a toll on my health. And the best fit for me right now is to apply as a virtual assistant for clients that will allow me to work during the day.

I have an excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Being reliable, true and honest goes a long way. I am an experienced individual who always aims higher than what is expected from me and I am highly motivated and results-driven. I want the job done before the expected deadline and I will go the extra mile to provide excellent outcomes.

I enjoy working collaboratively with others and am eager to learn and to be trained with new things for self improvement and to gain outstanding results for the company. I am always improving myself by joining workshops and training courses related to what I am able to do such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro among others.

During my free time, I enjoy playing darts, traveling with family and friends, swimming and doing little arts and crafts. These are the things that keep me motivated.

I am grateful for your evaluation and hoping to hear from you soon.

For a copy of Charlene’s resume please click here.