Charmaine Tero – Customer Service Specialist

Charmaine Tero Virtual AssistantHello, I’m Charmaine 🙂

I was raised in a home where dedication and passion were things that my parents really valued and taught us growing up. They are values I still carry with me today.

I did fairly well at school, especially when I was in college. I also saw how hard my parents worked so I could finish my course. And dedication and passion was entrenched in my being, I decided to take up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I was drawn to this career as I feel great compassion for those who are sick or gravely ill.

Nursing studies are terribly expensive. And we took a financial hit as we lost the bidding with the business we’d had for years. During my second year in college my parent’s savings were exhausted due to fees for my studies and our daily living expenses. By the time my third year of studies came round we were struggling to make ends meet. So we decided as a family that I had to give up on my course. My parents and I were so heart-broken that we were unable to sustain my dream. It took me some time to really accept that going back to university was not a possibility.

Being in such a state you tend to dwell on the things you can not change… but that only slows you down all the more from getting yourself back up and to your next destination. So with that knowledge, a renewed spirit and brand new hope, I looked for a job. And within days of putting the energy into finding one, I landed my first job! It was in a Business Process Outsourcing company, where I was assigned a Loan Officer and Customer Service role in one. Though Finance was a major detour from my passion of Nursing, I have learned that when you become dedicated to something, you develop a passion for it. On my first job I learned that there is a huge difference between working on something that you put your heart into versus just working for a living. Working as the latter is exhausting and life-draining.

With my five years of experience in the workforce, I have undertaken a wide scope of work. My passion and dedication is what makes the quality of my work different from others. I learned each skill on the job – so it certainly wasn’t an easy road… and I know that the hardest lessons are often the best lessons of all, but you can only learn if you let it teach you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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