Chowdhury Rafid Bin Mahbub – CSR and Administrative Assistant

chowdhury-rafid-csrHi! My Name is Chowdhury Rafid and let me start my success story…

I have been happy to work as a Customer Service Rep since the beginning of my career 12 years ago.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and also a degree in Project Management.

I have worked on over 100 projects since my career began, and I have learned many ways to create and maintain happy clients.

I was very happy to receive an offer letter from Samsung as a Customer Service Manager and this was my first big achievement within my career.

My professional life is very high on my agenda, because I love what I do!

My first year of work was awesome as I learned the skills that set the foundations of my growing career. I enjoy learning, and even today my search for new knowledge is still on.

I have am very strong in administrative support, customer service and communication. I am a good team leader, honest, and reliable for any project assigned to me (and my team). I am a quick learner who will follow your processes and meet set deadlines.

I can be your Virtual Assistant, Business Support Manager or Customer Service Manager, providing superior service as needed.

I believe hard work and using your brain daily is the key to success.

I aim for a happy life and contribute to create a happy world!

For a copy of Chowdhury’s resume please click here.