Chris Fry – Human Resource and Administrative Specialist

chris-fry-formalHi there, I’m Chris. 🙂

Virtual Assistant, Payroll Processer, Traveller, Dive Master, Photographer, Adventurer and Culture Seeker

You could say that travel is in my blood, as I have been moving around Australia since a very young age. I was born in Western Australia, have family in the southern states and currently living in Queensland (almost each corner of the continent).

I started travelling pretty heavily around 2007 when I got my first passport – this was a life changer! Each holiday I took, whether it be around Australia or the world, I managed to find an amazing site to see, or experience something new I had never done before. I love getting involved with the culture, trying new food, picking up a little of the language and seeing how other countries live their everyday life.

In 2011, I started diving – well this just opened up a whole new world for me. I quickly did a number of courses and ended up with my Dive Master Certificate!

chris-fry-underwaterThis took me into underwater photography, which started out being a way for me to share my underwater experiences with family and friends, but then became a little side business for my partner Matt and I. We started our 1st WordPress website, Facebook page and selling Digital Photo’s and Calendars every year.

Both the diving and land travelling has taken me to 35 countries all over the world – and each year, that number keeps increasing, along with my knowledge of life outside my home in Australia.

Since then, I designed another WordPress website with a Blog to help spread my adventures and experiences to the world, along with an Instagram account which I have grown to 100k followers.

I’m a highly dedicated professional with almost 20 years of experience working within the Payroll/Administration field. In all my roles I have demonstrated high attention to detail and accuracy, the highest standard of professionalism, confidentiality and loyalty in the conduct of my duties, as well as the ability to prioritise and set goals, operate autonomously, be proactive and display initiative.

Responsibilities being End to End payroll processing for anything from 100 to 3000 employees, data integrity and maintenance, General chris-fry-by-the-beachLedger, Payroll Tax, Superannuation and End of Year Balancing. On top of that, specialising in particular Payroll/HR software in order to project New Start-up’s and implementations of these systems.

Administration side I am quite fluent in Microsoft Office programs and especially Excel with formulas and Pivot Tables, Travel Arrangements, Online Ordering, Word processing and Account Payments.

I’m always trying to upmarket my skills and in 2018 I was introduced to the freelancing life and completed a number of online courses relating to Virtual Assistant Responsibilities, Social Media and in particular, Instagram Management.

I believe life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted and every one of us should find a way to enjoy that gift, in our own special way. We all need to find what makes us the happiest, which could be any number of things… family, friends, work, hobbies or activities. Embellish on those things and make your dreams come to life.

I am a highly motivated Virtual Assistant and would love to learn any new skills you have to offer.

For a copy of Chris Fry’s resume please click here.