Christine Jane Canlas – CSR, E-Commerce, Project Management

christine-jane-canlas-candidLet me start off by saying that I have a colourful background which helped me become the professional that I am today.

I was born and raised in the Middle East and spent more than half of my life there. I went back to my homeland, the Philippines, when I had to get my college degree and took up AB Communication Arts.

Around 2014, I finally decided to get a job and venture into the corporate world. I started working as a content moderator for a start-up company and 3 weeks after getting hired, I was promoted to Learning Development Trainer. I had trained for New Employee Orientations (Culture Training), Language Training, Product Training (the company I worked for had more than 50 different apps/accounts that they cater to, and out of that 50 I launched and trained 20 of those from scratch), and Leadership Training. Some could say that I just got lucky, but luck with no hard work and dedication amounts to nothing. With this being my first job, it almost felt like I had to prove myself all the time to show that I am worthy of that promotion. After a couple of weeks of client visits, reports, training new hires, product training, and strategy planning, I was finally discovering that the job was not just given to me out of fate… I was made for it. It became my passion to groom new agents to be the best at anything regardless of their age, background and experience and these are the lessons I live by now.

Ultimately, if you love what you do – it wouldn’t seem like work because you pour your dedication into it without you noticing. You can do almost everything nowadays if you’re resourceful enough to learn more.

I’ve been with the company for 3 years and worked my way up to be one of the best in the department. Because of my hardwork and bubbly personality, when my clients found out that I resigned, they instantly offered me a job opportunity in Singapore as the head of their Customer Service Department. Although I have been accustomed to other nationalities, I had to learn how the Singaporeans speak so that I could reach our customers.

After a couple of months, I had to go back to the Philippines and from there I worked from being a Team Leader for one of the biggest Tyre distributors in the US to being a Senior Trainer for an event managing company for Pharmaceuticals.

2 years ago, I decided to work from home due to the fact that it was too tiring to commute to work everyday – spending almost 4-5 hours for travel time daily. It got to me that our time is so precious and that we can all earn a living in other ways.

christine-jane-canlas-outdoorWhen I started working from home, I realised there was so much of my skillset that I could offer to other companies, and that I can be a valuable part of a team/company. I learned how to work independently and I was able to add more value to my profession by never backing out on challenges, and learning new things everyday.

I have experience working with different platforms and learning new tools is nothing new to me since I did that before for a living when I taught product specifics and created my own curriculum from scratch. I have a background in Marketing (Email Marketing and Social Media Content), VA, managing teams, event coordination and much more.

I’m tech savvy, quick, an effective multitasker, detail oriented, collaborative, and I’m certainly a team player.

Offline, I love travelling, learning new skills, wall climbing, and jewelry making. Recently, I became interested in polymer clay made accessories and I started my business from there to show people my creative side!

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