Chyrrel B. Gulane – ESL Teacher and HR Assistant

Chyrrel-Gulane-ProfileHi! My name is Chyrrel and I grew up in a family of 6. I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I passed the nursing licensure exam but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a job within my chosen profession. Sadly, there’s very little opportunities for us nurses here in the Philippines, so I decided to change my career.

I’ve worked as an ESL teacher for 2 years. I enjoyed it immensely, because aside from learning the correct grammar, I was also able to make new friends from different cultures. I learned many things about the Korean culture and I learned to appreciate the fact that while we all have many differences, we can still have a good relationship with each other if we just know how to respect each other’s culture.

I really love interacting with other people. I’m a people lover. I love interacting with different people as I meet them, and I think people are one of God’s greatest creations – I really do. They’re intriguing. I want to know their interests, their values – but of course I set boundaries. I don’t like invading other people’s lives. I respect other’s privacy as I also want them to respect mine.

chyrrel-gulane-weight-liftingThat’s the reason why I changed my career from being a teacher to being an admin assistant within a BPO company. I worked there as an HR admin assistant, and what we basically do is hire people and help them maintain a job. What I love most about this job is that I can interact with other people, and help them achieve their dreams and goals.

I love helping other people. If I had the resources I would like to support a charity specially for abandoned kids. I’m a Mum, and I have a son who I love so very much. He’s the most precious gift I ever received. So my heart aches when I see kids on the street with no food to eat, clothes to wear, or shelter to live in. So every Christmas, my friends and I gather all of our used clothes and buy food. We then go to the streets of Cebu and donate the food and clothes to those in need. That’s the least we can do to help them.

So that is my story. If given the opportunity and If I am hired, I will do my best to help you and your company grow. I hope to work with you soon.

Thank you 🙂

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