Crismer Lopez – Graphic Design

crismer-lopez-vaWell, as I have observed, there are many skilled and professionals from this field. First of all, I am a college undergraduate. I took a pause in my studies during my sophomore year due to financial challenges. I needed to work and earn money to support my family.

I’m the oldest among my siblings, so I needed to pursue more in my life. I have experience in Graphic Design and Video Editing for 2 years. I started learning in a computer shop. I sometimes rent a computer unit to learn Graphics and do Illustration. I watch tutorials and observe professionals do their job. After a year, I have gained knowledge in Advertising and Corporate designs, but then I decided to apply to a start-up BPO industry.

I first applied as a Customer Service Representative, but a week into my training, our supervisors noticed my skills. I was doing vexel arts during my free time or lunch break. So they have switched me to the Virtual Assistant team and assigned me as a Graphic Designer.

I have a lot of declined job applications because of my educational attainment. But I didn’t give up, I’ve tried lots of jobs. I became a Service Crew for Jollibee, Merchandiser for Alaska, and I also drive a pedicab as a side hustle. I’ve been pursuing and earning money, I was so desperate.

crismer-lopez-vaI started working when I was 17. I’ve been through a lot. I’m not saying I have experience and skills in everything, but I’m continuously and learning.

I am keen on details and I am an observant person. For instance, if you give me things that I do not know, I’ll try my best to find them and solve them. Every puzzle has one key and that one key can solve everything. In order to get that one key, you have to focus.

Being focused is one of the most important things I’ve learned in my life. If you can’t achieve that one goal, then you are losing focus.

I say, even if I can’t be in this industry, at least I tried. I’ve been through a lot of failures, but I’ll take them as a lesson.

For a copy of Crismer’s resume please click here.