Cristine Mae Onilongo – CSR, Accounts Receivables

cristine-onilongo-profileHello there! My name is Cristine but most people I used to be with call me Tin.

I graduated from the University of Rizal System in Angono, Rizal, Philippines. My course was Bachelor of Arts Major in English. When I graduated at College, I was recognised as The Best in Thesis Writing for English category. I was able to finish my thesis on my own with the help of coming up with clever ideas to take care of my finances. I worked on my classmates’ thesis so that I could earn money to create my own. I used the money to travel regularly to the National Library so that I could perform further research. My earnings were also used for printing, photocopying and bookbinding.

After graduation, I looked for a job immediately so that I could help my father, who was an OFW at the time, to support my siblings with their studies. With my degree in English, I applied to the BPO industry as a Customer Service Representative… and I’ve been in the BPO industry for over 12 years now.

I have handled both US and Australian clients. Mostly, I worked with Australian clients and that has been for over 9 years. I have handled billings, technical issues, winning clients and upselling products. I also have experience in recruitment and escalations. I was a trainer for Australia 101 and my favourite – being a Team Leader! Being a Team Leader really tested my patience in handling 20 staff in my team. I helped them manage their individual goals by listening to their calls, coaching them and trying to make a fun working environment as much as possible.

I must say that Australian clients are my favourites. Why? They always believe in fair trading and being straight to the point. Australian clients taught me to always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If they are irate, it is for a reason, not just because they wanted to be. That helped me understand that no one will complain over the phone or email if we do our service right and provide an excellent customer experience.

Because of the opportunities of working with different companies, I learned that it is always important that you are a reliable employee. As the company’s frontliner, all that you do will reflect on the company’s image. Our experiences and talents should be provided with the right attitude.

I am hoping that I will be able to work with you soon so that I can share my experience and reach the company’s goal.

For a copy of Cristine’s resume please click here.