Cyrah Bacoto, RPm – Executive Assistant and Psychometrician

cyrah-bacoto-formalCyrah is a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Psychology in one of the most renowned universities in the Philippines. She graduated in 2016. In the same year, she took up the board licensure examination, passed and became a registered Psychometrician.

With a license in hand, she wanted to explore more career possibilities. With her talent in writing, she decided to earn money as a freelance content writer. Through this, she was able to hone her skills in content and creative writing and also research. She was hired by several clients and always praised for her results and work ethic.

Following her online freelance adventures, she was contracted by a training and consultancy company for her writing services, which was time bounded for eight months. Cyrah, with a team of fellow writers, drafted a manual of operations for a local company. This required tedious hours of research and interviews in order to produce an output best suited for the client which she successfully achieved.

Among her functions was human resource management, wherein her skills and knowledge in recruitment and training and development further improved. She also handled organising events from general assemblies to seminars. Although event organisation is not her main trade, she has certainly surpassed the expectations of her employers in handling tasks that were cyrah-bacoto-profileoutside her main job function. Through this, she also tapped into her other talents such as video and photo editing.

Her most recent employment was with the Department of Social Welfare and Development where she was able to utilise her license as a registered Psychometrician in a residential care facility setting. She handled multiple clients, assessed and gave the proper psychological services that benefited her clients most.

Currently, Cyrah is pursuing Master of Arts in Psychology to further develop herself professionally. She aims to be able to make an impact in her career and give the best services that she can offer to all her clients.

With Cyrah’s work experience, you can conclude that she is indeed a versatile person and a fast-learner. All her employers and assignment project managers have constantly commented on her excellent work and she is known for constantly putting her best foot forward. She has the passion to constantly upgrade her knowledge and skills, respects constructive criticism and follows through and has been proven to be reliable. She hopes that as she grows personally and professionally, the company she will become a part of grows with her.

For a copy of Cyrah’s resume please click here.