Daisy Lyn Delfinado – Accounting Associate

daisy-lyn-delfinado-officeThis is a typical story driven by dreams and goals, aiming for greener pastures, not just for my own self but also for my family.

My name is Daisy Lyn but family and friends call me Daisy. I am married with 1 kid. I was born on December 7, 1992 to poor parents who may not have given all the material things I wished for, but gave me all the love and attention I could ever ask for. I am the eldest among us 4 siblings. We were not raised with luxury as my father, who was a tricycle driver and my mother who is a plain housekeeper, had just enough money to sustain our daily needs.

I finished college with the help of a government scholarship and also with the help of tuition fee discounts in our school as an honour student. I graduated with flying colours as a Cum Laude in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy – which I reckon is my biggest achievement so far. And this made my parents very happy and proud.

During college, I worked as a part-time bookkeeper in a small telephone company just to help my parents provide for my daily allowance in school. I thanked God for the gift of intelligence for this was my primary weapon in attaining my dream. At an early age, I learned how to value money and how to work hard to get it. After graduation, I was absorbed by this telephone company but not long after, I decided to apply for a greater salary to help my parents send my siblings to school. I then worked as a teller in one of the largest and best-paying banks in the Philippines – Metrobank. After six months, my desire to do accounting works urged me to leave my job as a teller and to daisy-lyn-delfinado-casualapply for an accounting position. I applied as part of the Accounting Staff in the largest and richest mall in the Philippines – The SM City Mall. In this job, I was tasked to handle Sales Accounts and finalise the works of five staff so basically, I supervised the Internal Audit Team in terms of Sales for a year. Although my salary paid the rent and daily food, I needed more as two of my siblings were then in college. I was getting the minimum wage in that region and the lack thereof pushed me to move out of my comfort zone and try my luck in the National Capital of the Philippines – Manila.

Moving forward, for five years now, I have been handling around 5 clients with different industries, among which are IT Companies, Holding Companies, Manufacturing, Construction, other Service Companies. This means I have already experienced handling different businesses and this gives me the edge in terms of knowledge and experience. All these clients use XERO as their Accounting Software so having been exposed to XERO for five years now, I assure you that my knowledge with it can help me deliver results more effectively. I am also a Certified XERO Advisor.

After working this long in an office set-up, I am now taking my chances in the virtual world. With the experiences and knowledge I have, I can say that I am ready and well-equipped to be at your service.

For a copy of Daisy’s resume please click here.