Diane Uyking – Finance Manager

Diane-Uyking-vaDiane finished her studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Ateneo de Davao University Philippines in 2013.

When Diane was a fresh graduate, she applied for a Customer Service Representative position in a Banking institution and was always comfortable working in a corporate setting. She worked there for almost 4 years and is now proficient in using Microsoft Excel and Word. She excels in speaking and data entries. She is also comfortable in handling customers and providing them assistance.

She has a lot of previous working experiences including an Inventory Assistant in an Oil Company and a Receptionist working for lawyers. She is good at answering phone calls to her customers and greets them cordially, Good Morning until Good Evening. She speaks very well and exceeds good communication skills in English. She is very keen on details and a very fast learner.

After realizing that she wanted to pursue her own business with her hard-earned money, she started building an empire of her own and became a restaurant tycoon for almost 3 years. She has the support of her family and friends and quickly made herself known throughout Davao City Philippines. She was featured in a newspaper, talking about her achievements and how she gave her full devotion and commitment to the goal of opening up her own business. She said that as a restaurant owner, it felt rewarding as if offering services to her customers is her forte.

Diane-Uyking-vaDuring this Pandemic, Diane’s restaurant and her sales plummeted and resulting in a financial loss for the company. From Diane’s perspective, it was the most unfortunate thing that happened in her life. She decided to close her restaurant because it was no longer a good sight for the customers to eat and that was when the economic turndown happened.

After a step of misfortune in her life, she still didn’t give up because she knew that her skills can contribute to other companies if she tried. Diane started to look upon the internet for working from home setup and other job openings, working while staying at home. Diane was a bit hesitant if working from home can make her compromise a bit and it was the biggest transition that she made in her life, from being a business owner turned into working from home person. She got accepted as a virtual assistant from the start of March 2021 and ended it in October 2021 as a Finance Manager with Xero Bookkeeping experiences and other admin tasks as well. Diane is set to believe that she has all the skills to keep the company moving and to greatly deliver good results. Diane is now open to job openings where her skills and qualifications match the requirements of any position lines open.

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