Donn Johnson R. Cera, CPA, DFP – Paraplanner

donn-johnson-cera-profileI started working at a very young age with the mission to help my family with our finances. Since then, I have become the breadwinner of the family.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Accountancy. Right after passing the National Licensure Examination, I worked for two years as an Accountant. After which, I pursued a career in financial planning where I support Australian Financial Advisors in the preparation of their financial plan, which includes formulation of strategies and financial modelling.

I am one of the pioneers in the Financial Planning industry and assisted several start-up companies to build their business and improve their bottom line.

I worked my way up to the corporate ladder and got promoted several times during my stint in different companies. The last one being the Head of Paraplanning in the Philippines.

As a Financial Literacy advocate, I believe that I have indispensable skills necessary to help individuals and companies improve their financial situation.

donn-johnson-cera-hikingI prefer to work in Finance (as a Paraplanner) but at the same I am also open to work for any type of job to gain more work experience and obtain further credibility.

I intend to work in a fulfilling job where I can showcase my years of experience and assist the growth of the company that I will work with.

The relevant experiences and abilities I can bring to the table would be as follows:

  • High Motivation for Success for bagging numerous awards, recognition, and commendations in the workplace as well as from my educational background.
  • Meaningful Working Student Experience as I have been juggling both work and studies at the same time since my sophomore year in college.
  • Technical Competence and Excellent Communication Skills demonstrated by being a CPA Board Passer and for having been engaged in different fields of work discipline for 14 years to date.
  • Excellent Academics and Analytical Skills as exemplified by being part of the quota-based course program in Business Administration and Accountancy at the premiere university in the Philippines.
  • People-Oriented and Vanguard Leader as exhibited by my experiences in leadership positions in the extra-curricular activities and other engagements at work or in school.

I am very excited and looking forward to joining your team at the earliest opportunity.

For a copy of Donn’s resume please click here.