Dulce Redira – Paraplanner

Dulce Redira Portrait PhotoHello 🙂

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and have completed a post graduate course – Diploma of Financial Planning (through Kaplan Professional Education), making me RG146 compliant.

I’ve been working as a Paraplanner/Financial Planning Assistant for the past 6 years. These extensive years of experience provided me with the avenue to develop important skills required for the role i.e. being analytical and self-motivated, with great attention to detail, proficient in oral and written communication, as well as being a good team player.

I have enjoyed working in this industry which includes the the day-to-day interactions with the financial planners, and the joy of helping the team reach out goals.

My major task has been to complete the entire Statement of Advice, ensuring that it is compliant and error-free. Along with this, I can do all the processes to come up with an advice document – from data entry to checking the document for accuracy prior to submission. I also do the finishing touches of wealth solver and risk researcher reports, prepare the required financial modelling and projections, write the strategies and complete all remaining sections.

I also assist the adviser during the research stage from time to time, such as preparing initial projections of investments, superannuation, or retirement and making product research as well through wealth solver and risk researcher. I use Xplan, extensively, by the way, to perform the tasks including the merging of the draft Statement of Advice.

Prior to being a Paraplanner, I worked as a corporate accountant for more than 10 years.

Photo of Dulcies DogsI am grateful that there are opportunities to work online; as I can work in the comfort of my home, closer to my three young ladies, and not waste copious hours traveling to and from work.

On the light side, I am a certified dog lover 🙂 I have three in the house who constantly follow me wherever I go. I love them a lot and I treat them like my own kids. They may be the reason why I’ve never felt an ounce of boredom working remotely. Most of the time they are my stress reliever.

I was born and raised here in the city of Olongapo, province of Zambales. I love this place as the city is a mix of being highly urbanised and abounding with the beauty of nature. We are situated near mountains of forests and neighbouring beaches. We are not yet densely populated, so most of the people here, know each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

For a copy of Dulce’s resume please click here.