Dyann Laririt-Ingco – Civil Engineer

dyann-ingco-vaMy Story…

I am a licensed Civil Engineer here in the Philippines. Never in my early childhood days had I thought of becoming an Engineer. In my last 2 years in high school, I get so hooked on Mathematics and it became my favourite subject. It was then I realised that I love and enjoy solving problems. The challenge of finding solutions excites me, moreover getting results satisfies me a lot. Since Engineering is the closest course in college to fuel this excitement, along with my bestfriend’s suggestion, we pursued the study together and made it through.

My working career focused primarily on Construction Project Management where I contribute in the pre-construction stage in most of the projects I get into. In my 8 years in the industry, I carefully built my core-competencies in quantity surveying, bidding/tender administration, construction contract management, and construction procurement. I’ve been involved in various projects ranging from the simplest typical residential condominium projects to the complexity of hotels and casino. I enjoyed being in pre-construction as I partake in different stages of design (from concept to schematic to final) to material selections, and finding the right supplier and contractor, while simultaneously considering the project cost and budget for each requirement. These stages exposed me to a lot of interaction, communication and negotiations that enables me to meet people of different personalities and cultures from President/CEO to salespersons, other professionals, and workers. Thus, I don’t just learn about my job, I learn about people and that makes a difference.

My setback unexpectedly happened in February 2019 during the peak of my career. During that time, I was passionately working on what I love to do and when I thought I would finally settle in this company, the management assessed their financial condition and project focus. Unfortunately, my project was phased out and therefore, I was one of those employees who got terminated due to redundancy. I totally understand the situation and even thanked them for the opportunity and trust they gave to me as a Project Manager.

dyann-ingco-vacationAt that same time, I learned that I was pregnant with my first child. I am at the happiest in my married life but I didn’t expect that it would be the lowest point of my career. To ensure safety during pregnancy, I couldn’t simply get a new job. I had to be very careful in choosing where I apply and that lead me to having no job at all. I decided to finally settle at home and just pursue job hunting after delivering my beautiful baby to the outside world. With all those pregnancy hormones inside of me, I experienced depression and somehow questioned myself on how much I really do know, and how much can I actually achieve. I became fragile and thought I might never be able to get back to that peak or even climb higher. Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and family – and I was able to get over those emotions. With our baby finally here with us, I decided to give work-from-home a try.

So here I am jumping back into my core, taking the first step to becoming a successful work-from-home mum, geared up with my skills and experience and ready to help an organisation / business succeed. I’m keeping in mind to never settle and always learn, remain sincere, passionate and dedicated, and always give my best shot – like I always do.

For a copy of Dyann’s resume please click here.