Edelyn A. Ribay – Customer Service Specialist

edelyn-ribau-profileMost people call me Edz. I am just a simple person with a very colourful life I would say.

It took me 7 years to finish college. I needed to work and support myself due to our family’s financial situation. I think this is one of the reasons for me being an introvert individual.

Being a working student kept me so busy that I no longer had time to socialise, but I absolutely have many friends.

I have had different jobs like service crew, production packer in a pharmaceutical company, an accounting assistant (I got the job due to my Major course “Management Accounting”).

In my third year studying in college, we accidentally had our first child (a God’s blessing). That is the main reason and motivation for me to pursue and finish my studies. When I graduated, there was no time to rest.

I worked at the Bank of the Philippine Islands as a Documentation staff member where we mainly processed home loans applications. Then after that, for practical reasons, I applied and was hired in my first ever BPO company. The last and second BPO Company that I have worked with was ANZ.

edelyn-ribau-familyI spent so much time working, commuting from home to work. Until this moment I realised, most of my time is just wasted commuting. I decided to quit my corporate job and tried to work homebase. The reason why I prefer working from home is because of flexibility, less destruction and comfort, plus I get to stay at home with my child and my family. Making sure that I am always there for them, being a responsible mum while earning and ensuring that my family will always be stable and for us to ensure that we always have food to eat on our table.

I would say that in my years of being involved with different fields, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and it provided me with ideal experiences. I became a risk taker and a self-motivated individual with both skills and passion. I can confidently say that from a “NOBODY”, I am now a “somebody/SOMEONE”, and I will take all these as my edge to showcase my skills and knowledge in doing my work effectively and efficiently.

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