Eleazar Tongbo Saraos – ESL Teacher

eleazar saraos portraitHi, I’m Eleazar Saraos.

“Ely” is what most of my friends call me. I’m more comfortable to be called that name, because in the majority of cases when someone uses my whole name they mis-pronounce it… and I have to admit it irritates me. Even in college my name and surname was repeatedly mispronounced by two of my Professors. They said Eleazar as Elieza and Saraos as Sarcos. Even though the pronunciation was very wrong I couldn’t do much about it, so I just had to let it go.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education with a License. That’s something I’m very proud of – even though people around me have said that I wasted my studies because I didn’t use the degree in my career. The truth is, the course itself was not my personal choice. I followed what my parents wanted. I can say that I love teaching as I’m very talkative person, but I just don’t see myself staying in the classroom until I retire. Plus, I’m also active in my Church as a Church pianist and a Sunday School Teacher at Metro Laguna Baptist Church, so reality is that I do use my degree.

After graduating college, I never really tried to apply to a school, because I wanted to apply as a CSR. But the time wasn’t right, as I failed 5 times at 5 different companies. I then decided to try the Manufacturing Industry – but the opportunity was not available to me either. So, I made the decision to take a break, and helped my sister to take care of her son. I would transport my nephew to and from school, as well as tutor him. As a matter of fact, tutorial services has been my way of producing income for 2 years. Due to enjoying being in control of my time and having little stress, I have not pursued a permanent job. I’ve worked as an ESL Instructor to Koreans as a seasonal job and as Substitute Teacher for 2 months, as well as provided some tutorials.

During that time, working in the BPO Industry was still on my mind, so when I was browsing my Facebook and I saw a BPO Centre that provided training to those who wanted to work in the Call Center Industry – I jumped at the chance. After the training, I was blessed to become part of a Company. Unfortunately, my work was short-lived as I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension, and the Doctor told me to have a rest. I followed the advice of my Doctor and took some time out.

But I found it hard to stay at home and do nothing! My church mate suggested that I try home based work, and I acted on the idea. The first job that I had was as a Google transcriptionist, where we transcribed audios from Google voice. It was project based so after completion I had to find another job. I received a new project as a Call Analyst. I worked with hospitals listening to the kind of calls made, and categorised them. As this was also project based, I had to look ahead and plan what I would do after. I always remember the saying “God is good, all the time, and all the time God is in control.” God answered my prayer, and He presented me with a job that is permanent. I became a Trainer for a Call centre where I teach aspiring agents. It was perfect for me as I was back to what I love doing.

With my stay in this centre, I’ve further developed my communication skills and used the God given talent He gave me.

Today, going back to work remotely is calling me again. I believe that the skills, qualification and experiences I’ve had are a good fit for Virtual Assistant work. I’m interested to see what comes next.

For a copy of Eleazar’s resume please click here.