Emelie Rose Rodriguez – Business Management

emelie-rose-rodriguez-profileHi, I’m Emelie and I am applying to be your Virtual Assistant.

I’m a graduate of Mass Communication from University of the East, year 1999. I worked as a Manager/Supervisor in different companies like Baskin and Robbins, Mrs. Fields, Planet Pita, Figaro Coffee Company, Costa Coffee (Dubai), Ministop Convenience Store and Puregold Price Club Incorporated.

Although I landed in a different field to my studies, I was still able to use the core of my course which is communication. I am a good communicator in handling costumer’s complaints and other inquiries. After years of working, I developed a health problem, which was detected during a physical exam in one of the companies I was applying for. Fortunately, they still hired me. I passed the training and started working as a regular employee. However, there’s always that urge for me wanting to check my health condition. After some laboratory tests, my physician told me that I needed to undergo surgery.

Fast forward, I wasn’t able to commit to my job properly because I needed to recover after my surgery. While staying at home, my father helped me franchise a burger chain. It was good at the start but because of the high paying rentals of the establishment, I was forced to look for a job that would help me maintain my business.

I decided to work again thinking I was physically fit to work full time 8 hrs++. Our working hours were unpredictable and we were forced to stay longer due to costumers’ demand. I became sick and was forced to resign. I also had to close my burger chain. I was so frustrated, but my family helped me regain my self confidence.

I tried selling overrun clothes and did well. I offered it to my friends and I also joined bazaars. But the factory of overrun clothes is only seasonal, so my earnings were not permanent.

In 2015, I became pregnant with my second child. My helper didn’t come back after I gave birth. Taking care of two kids was not easy so I became a full time mum. I am a personal tutor of my eldest who is in grade 6 and I need to accompany my youngest son to school who is in Kindergarten. Nevertheless, because of the piling expenses and the debts that need to be paid, I am now looking for a part time job that will not only help me financially but also emotionally.

I don’t have regrets of staying at home and taking care of my kids. I love them with all my life and I am so blessed to have two sons and a loving husband who help me grow stronger day by day. They drive me crazy – but they help me to become who I am now. I then realised that the skills that I acquired from my corporate jobs were strengthened by being a full time mum. I am very good with multi-tasking – tutoring my eldest son, assisting him in all his research, assignments and projects, feeding my youngest who is a picky eater and doing the household chores all at the same time. It is a struggle but I have learned to master it.

Lately I have been spending time bonding with my friends – chatting with them while we admire the millenials and laugh with at the craziness in trying to be like the young ones. Yes, I am not getting any younger but it doesn’t mean that I have to stop learning. Learning is a continuous process, not separated by age or by time. You have to keep learning and you have to follow the lead that will help you acquire more skills. We are all born intelligent. All we have to do is keep hauling for knowledge.

I am currently confident with using Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet and I am also using Canva, Adobe and Power Director to edit videos and images. I love to write messages for my family during special occasions and post it in Facebook. I know I can write and express my thoughts and I can even make short videos for my family. I don’t have perfect grammar yet, and that’s why I am relying on our best friend Google to edit my grammar and spelling. I may say that I am hardworking, resourceful and very passionate whenever I start something. I don’t give up easily. I feel good whenever I put 101% of my effort in everything that I do. I don’t believe in shortcuts. You need to earn the learning and savour the success afterwards.

Now that I am applying as a Virtual Assistant, I created my profile in different platforms. I also joined different Facebook groups that will help me learn and land a home based job. I’m also attending free webinars and started reading a lot. Whenever I feel upset, I just look back to the things that I have done and think of my ultimate goal and that is to have a Homebased Job that will give me the opportunity to learn and to earn while taking care of my family.

I know I am just a beginner but I have numerous working experience related to Data Entry, Administrative Tasks, Bookkeeping, Ordering, Purchasing, Inventory and overall Customer Service related being all part of my previous job description.

Above all, I am a mother who strives hard and will do everything to make life comfortable and easier for my family. And with the skills and attitude, I know I can be a good Virtual Assistant who can lessen my clients’ burden so they can focus more on the business expansion. I can be a great help to aid my clients in all their needs following proper directions and instructions. I always work with compassion and dedication to produce results above expectation.

I can’t stop the time but I can help you save more time. Hire me as your Virtual Assistant and we’ll make things worth living.

For a copy of Emelie’s resume please click here.