Ephraim V. Diez, REE – Autocad Specialist and Administrative Assistant

Ephraim Diez Virtual AssistantMy Life Story…

I was born in Surigao City and raised in the province of Bukidnon since my childhood
years. As a first born, my innate nature of being responsible has been my daily dose of keeping
through life.

On March 2008, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In the same year, I took and passed the licensure examination and became a certified Electrical Engineer.

A year later in December of 2009, I was hired as an Administrative Assistant in a well established BPO Company, Concentrix. My tasks focused on handling people, which involved dealing with various characters, providing reports on a timely basis (that I managed well) and conducting bench-marking to identify internal opportunities for improvement.

Two years later, in September 2011, I started working for SMART Telecommunications as an Administrative Engineer. I handled tasks that are almost the same as my previous job. I also make daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports regarding maintenance works in the office and field work. In addition, I managed the financial reports by ensuring that it was evaluated and validated appropriately.

It has always been my dream to work within the four corners of my home, so I decided to pursue other career opportunities. I believe that working in an online industry would be a great opportunity for professional growth and embracing the comforts of home, hassle-free and stress-free.

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