Erwin Matriano – Reports Analyst

erwin-matriano-formalMy name is Erwin Matriano, 31 years of age but still an avid gamer!! LOL!! I usually spend my time playing games whenever I get the opportunity. For me, it is not just for fun or entertainment, it also helps me connect with other people and boost my skills – multi-tasking, problem solving, reading skills, and what not. I love playing games but I can guarantee that I offer the best quality of service at work.

I’m a very positive person and see the good in everything. I also think that it is better to spend time looking for a solution rather than to dwell about something that I can no longer control or change. If you’re going to ask about me, my friends would tell you that I’m someone who has a lot of patience, is very understanding and will never dwell on something that doesn’t contribute to my well-being. I believe that it’s worthless to be angry about something that I would just forget eventually. Mistakes are unavoidable so the best thing to do is to adapt and think of something that is worth your while.

I have 11 years of experience in the BPO industry in the areas of Advertising, Travel, Customer Service and Technical Support. I offer exceptional skills and I’m an expert in Microsoft Excel and Access. I have experienced team leadership and erwin-matriano-vaadministration roles. My most recent role was a Reports Analyst where we were required to self-study and finish the tasks autonomously. It helped me a lot and it was really fun strategising and implementing innovative ways to help meet the deadlines. I still remember what my mentor would always say when I was just starting my career: “You don’t always have to work hard but you need to work smart”.

Years of experience taught me a lot of things and have nurtured my skills and personality to become who I am today. I would say the most important lesson that I have learned during my stay in the industry is that you need to have a lot of patience and demonstrate good work ethics at all times.

This will be my first time working as a Virtual Assistant and though I am continuously learning, I want to make sure that I will be able to exceed all your expectations. I make it a point to always leave a positive impression on my employers.

For a copy of Erwin’s resume please click here.