Estrella Cristine Bonto – Graphic Artist

estrella-bonto-formalHi! I am Estrella Cristine. You may call me either Estrella or Cristine.

I’m employed as a Photo Editor in a BPO company in Davao. I have been working for 3 years there. My previous work was also as a Photo Editor for 3 years.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Computer Technology from one of the State Universities in Davao City. Before taking the course, I wanted to take an Accountancy course but due to some financial problems, I wasn’t able to. The school that I could afford to attend doesn’t offer accountancy so by that time I took up Computer Technology.

During that time I didn’t know about computers, maybe that’s the reason why that fate took me there to know more about the subject. Eventually, I was glad that it took me there; I was able to meet amazing people. I learned to appreciate the opportunity that I was able to finish studying.

I graduated in 2013 and landed a job as a Graphic Artist (Photo Editor). I edit photos like apparel, shoes, accessories, or model shots to drop to clients’ websites. Eventually, I became Team leader and I was focusing on editing but also some admin tasks like checking emails if there are any messages from clients to work on. I download tasks and assign them to the teams, orient the team regarding the task or some skills needed to possess, check completed tasks before sending it to the client, report/email the supervisor for all completed tasks, pending tasks, any difficulties, or if there’s any issue needed to address.

Still, during that time, I wanted to take up some short courses to broaden my skills aside from being photo editing. I resigned there and found a better one that doesn’t eat up much of my time. By then, I was able to enroll myself in a short course which is Bookkeeping and passed TESDA NC III Bookkeeping. Another year, I did a self-review to take up the Civil Service Exam, and It took me longer to be ready to take an Exam. Then I passed the Civil Service Professional last estrella-bonto-in-the-garden2019.

Moving Forward, when a pandemic arises, it’s difficult for us. My father was away from us due to lockdown. So what we can do is send some money there. That’s when I thought, it’s also good if I have some part-time online work so I can sustain our needs. I decided to take up Online Bookkeeping with Quickbooks. It helps me understand more about bookkeeping even though I am not an Accounting graduate. There’s still more to learn and still looking forward to what else I can learn more. Right now, I’m good at Google sheet, MS Word, or PowerPoint, knowledgeable in Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, or MS Excel, experienced with Photoshop and Microsoft Word. I have basic knowledge in Video Editing, Adobe Lightroom. I have a slight experience with data entry.

Learning is an ongoing process and as time goes by, I believe I could still learn more. There’s still a lot more to know and learn and I openly accept new challenges that come along the way.

For a copy of Estrella’s resume please click here.