Fatima Grace Gaudiano – Executive Assistant

fatima-grace-gaudiano-profileFatima Grace Gaudiano – Executive and Administrative Assistant, Quality Assurance Specialist, CSR

Hi! I’m Fatima. Most people call me Tim. 🙂

Being an orphan at a young age made me stronger and dependent on myself. Losing my parents is the heartache that will never fade away but I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I still need to be positive about life. 🙂

About my work experience…

I believe that working in various fields helped me a lot as an individual.

I worked for 3 years in one of the biggest German companies in Dubai and also worldwide in terms of 3rd party inspections and certification services. Working with this company was a challenge for me as I didn’t have any background with how things worked in this type of field. There was a lot of pressure on my work – but that’s what made it more interesting for me.

fatima-grace-gaudiano-by-the-gardenI started working as an audit planner in the management system department. After 9 months, I was promoted to the executive assistant of our Regional Manager. Working as his assistant taught me that I can do things I thought I couldn’t. I believe that if you have dedication to what you’re doing, everything is possible. We learned from our own experiences.

It took me a lot of courage to be away from home. But it was one of the nicest experience I had. You meet and mingle with different kinds of people from other countries. I got the chance to learn something of their culture, behaviours and vice versa.

Prior to going abroad, I worked in the BPO industry for 6 years. I was a customer service representative for 5 different accounts. My tasks included email support, order entry, billing explanation, up selling, and technical support for phone, internet and cable services. After 2 years I applied as a quality assurance specialist for the same company and luckily I was hired. Calibrating calls with the clients, quality assurance talk for new hired agents, and audit monitoring were some of my responsibilities as a quality assurance specialist.

I also have a degree – Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics.

I believe that I can help your team as I’m very versatile, a hard working person and can easily adapt to change.

Aside from my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, administrative and interpersonal skills.

With regard to my VA skills, I have experience in performing web research, recruiting, email scraping, data entry and appointment scheduling.

On a lighter note, my hobbies include singing and dancing. 🙂

Thank you for taking your time in reading my bio.

For a copy of Fatima’s resume please click here.