Featured Customer Service Representatives


Cherr Resuma-Alaba

I am a Quality Assurance Specialist as well as a Customer Service Representative. I work well under pressure, have attended training in handling irate customers as well as sales, and am an excellent team player. I learn quickly, have a positive attitude, and have the ability to take ownership of my work and meet timelines and deadlines. I am flexible, can work in a fast-paced environment, and can work with minimal supervision. I can train and motivate staff and QA their performance, giving them guidance on performing their roles correctly

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Jezreel Aguirre

I am a Customer Support Specialist with excellent communication skills. I have great attention to detail, am very gifted with troubleshooting challenges, and calming a situation with good conflict resolution skills. I have worked with customer care via phone and through email. I have a strong work ethic and am willing to be trained for any skills that your organisation needs. I always approach challenges with a positive attitude, am organised, self-motivated and value every minute of the day.

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Claudine Ysabel N. Cayabyab

I have a knack for building strong client relationships, as I am personable, friend and approachable, and have the ability to remain professional under pressure. I have performed cold calling, generated leads for clients, managed social media accounts, and performed customer service – up-selling when the opportunity presented itself. I always go the extra mile, identifying customer’s needs and providing the best solution after researching a variety of resolutions. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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Ella Marie Acebes Po

I am a skilled customer support officer with over 20 years experience in the workforce. I have good team collaboration skills, am highly trainable, very organised and very aware of projecting the right corporate image of an organisation. I have worked with CRM’s, transcribed recordings, provided back-office administration, and even worked as a purchasing officer for the head office of a bakery franchise.

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Michael Ryan T. Rebosura

I am and experienced Technical and Customer Support Representative with a unique skill-set that includes engineering drawing, marketing graphics, industrial production, content writing, systems auditing and office admin. You’ll find that I can provide your administration support as well as fill in gaps that others cannot.

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Vanessa Blancaflor Mahilum

I have worked as a Customer Service Representative and Chat Support for a number of years. I have also worked as a Government Secretary. I have gained a reputation for going that extra mile to help and support my clients, and I am a quick learner, patient and can multi-task. I am fluent in English and have good communication skills.

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Dennis Davao

I have extensive experience as a Team Leader for a multi-national company, training new team members on how to perform superior customer service. I have worked in sales, performed coaching, run meetings with teams, and analysed data to find areas for improvement in the business.

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Reumil Moreno

I am a Customer Service and Technical Support Representative with a head for problem solving and analysis. I am adaptable, have strong initiative, and am very experienced with the Zoho CRM, Skype and Zopim. I am an Undergraduate in BS in Chemical Engineering and BS in Information Technology.

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Romel Macaraeg Saringan

I am committed to providing world-class customer service to clients. I have worked as a CSR as well as supervised a team of telemarketers in a call centre environment. I have assisted in resolving countless numbers of customer complaints and conducted in-house meetings and teleconferences.

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Mercedes Cabrera

I have been a successful Customer Service Representative, been promoted to Subject Matter Expert and then asked to be a Team Leader. I have also worked in Sales – appointment setting for a Real Estate company. I can also take care of inbound calls and perform outbound calls for your sales team.

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Gizela Oblad

I am a hardworking Customer Service Representative with Sales Skills. I am adaptible, can get along with others, and can work in high pressure situations. I am good at reviewing customer profiles to gauge probability for sales, and I am experienced with inbound and outbound calls.

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Sigmund Paul Bautista Pua

I have worked as an account executive and customer solutions officer for US clients for a number of years. I have identified opportunities for engaging more with existing clients, and processed online banking transactions. I am polite, determined, and focused on growing with an organisation.

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Myrlo Torres Portrait

Myrlo Torres

I have worked in the Customer Service industry for more than a decade… which led me to the position of a coach. I have worked with a wide range of people and cultures, and also been involved as a Technical Support Representative. My most recent work has been around handling customers on eBay and investigating fraudulent transactions. I have a great attitude to work, and always do my best to provide the highest quality of output.

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Larah Faith G. Abogadil

I have worked in customer care for a number of years – from support through to customer retention. This area of expertise has exposed me to a wide range of cultures and personalities from around the world. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education and value growth and the pursuit of knowledge to improve.

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Julila Bern Vega Hao

I love working with people! Leading teams, customer service, helping others to solve their challenges, motivating team members, training staff – it’s my calling. I am a naturally patient person, have a passion for improving, and take my work seriously. I know I would be the perfect addition to your team.

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Ronie Padronia

I guess you could say I am a hard worker who is self motivated and dedicated to growing. Needing a Super VA… I might just be that person! I can help you with Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales and Marketing (and Lead Generation), Social Media, Management of CRM’s, Coaching and even Market Research.

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Limelyn Padernal

I’m an experienced Customer Service Representative with a passion for helping people. I strongly believe in building relationships with people and gaining their trust – then I can serve them better. I am a great listener, very good at problem solving, and I have excellent communication skills. I have even worked as an ESL Teacher – so you can be sure my English is excellent.

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Edcel Angelo J. Salangsang

If you’re looking for someone who can perform Customer Service alongside Sales… then I’m your man. I’ve worked in telecommunications, and as a Reports and Analytic Coordinator, and Administration Officer. I have great listening skills, have a range of general VA skills, and love learning new skills to better help your business to succeed.

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Celyne Lae A. Aldemita

I am a Customer Service Representative committed to providing excellent support. I am a Graduate in Bachelor of Science Psychology and have used this knowledge to supply the best service I can. I have good English skills, am tactful, and respect the strength of building good relationships with clients and colleagues.

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Carla Mae Pontillas

I am a seasoned Customer Care Professional who has dealt with customers over the phone, helping them with their inquiries, as well as upselling and cross-selling products and services. I have worked with a global customer base – with the largest demographics being in the US, UK and Canada. I have also worked as a Sales Supervisor and Team Leader, ensuring sales teams reach their designated targets. Oh! And I have a typing speed of 51 wpm.

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Mary Darleendy B. Vilbar

I am a dedicated, sincere person with a passion for performing all of my tasks to the best of my ability. I have worked within the crazy busy BPO industry in customer service – answering 70 to 100 calls per shift. I value professionalism, good communication, and good attendance. I also have a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

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Jorgina Dao-Anis Budod

I am a highly motivated individual seeking a challenging work environment where I can contribute and grow in. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and enjoy working with people. I have experience as a Customer Service Representative and worked as an Virtual Assistant performing Cold Calling for 2 years. I am open-minded, trustworthy, and flexible. I also write and speak English fluently.

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Bret Axl Loraya

I have experience as a remote worker taking care of emails and phone calls for my client. My strength lies in Customer Service – taking orders, providing information about products and services, responding to customer complaints and processing returns. I am hardworking, proactive and enjoy learning new skills and growing my capabilities.

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Cristina Cavalles

I am a skilled Customer Service Representative who has gained a reputation for hard work, high standards and meeting deadlines. I am an Associate Graduate in Computer Secretarial and an Undergraduate in Bachelor of Science Information Technology. I have also worked as a Sales Executive in the Real Estate Industry and a VA for a client in travel.

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Rodena Delda

I am an experienced Customer Service Expert who can assist clients through live chat, email and phone. I have experience with Zendesk, Salesforce, Shopify and Zoho. I can assist with sales support through upselling, administrative support, and handle billing inquiries and concerns. I have a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management and can work comfortable in a fast paced environment.

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Reynalyn M. Allesa

I am a hardworking, reliable Customer Service Representative. I have performed CSR work with regards to billings, checking facts, processing orders, submitting claims, educating customers, and technical troubleshooting. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing I have used my studies to develop a calming and empathetic approach to customer support.

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Kimberly N. Tuazon

I am a sales professional and have worked as a Team Manager and Customer Service Representative for a range of industries. I have assisted with customer support in eCommerce platforms – handling cases, returns and policies. I have an Associate Diploma in Computer Technology so can assist clients with tech information and support.

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kimberly amoin formal

Kimberly Amoin

I have a degree in Mass Communications, and in my earlier career worked as a news reporter. After that I entered the realm of Technical and Customer Support. I have managed incoming calls, taken care of customer service inquiries, generated sales leads, and built sustainable relationships with clients. I have excellent communication skills, am computer literate, and I have proven time management skills and can work under pressure.

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Kevin Calos Arguilles Portrait

Kevin Calos Arguilles

I am an experienced Customer Service Representative and Admin Assistant. I have worked with email handling, data entry, sales appointment setting and even cold calling. I have taken orders, responded to customer complaints, contacted lists about surveys, conducted staff evaluations, schedules and processed employee payrolls.

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jan michael lumasag portrait

Jan Michael Lumasag

I have experience in customer support via telephone, email and chat. I am clear with my communication, have a positive attitude and have honed my skills for resolving conflict and strategic negotiations. I have a background with technical support for a wide range of technology related devices and software.

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Christine Sabina C. Bisnar

I can offer general administration and customer service support. I have experience as a Customer Service Representative in the BPO industry for 3 years, and then have worked as a Virtual Assistant for the past few years. My passion is culinary arts, and I will be moving to Finland to study it further – but also wish to continue working as a VA during my time there.

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Analiza O. Diego

I love helping people! I believe that’s why I’m not just a good Virtual Assistant – I’m a great one! I can also perform general admin support as well as data entry and web research. I also have experience with technical support as I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

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Gem Darren P. Amacio

I am a great team player when it comes to supporting a company’s growth. I’m an experienced Customer Support and Technical Support Representative. I am knowledgeable with Microsoft Apps and movie making, have good communication skills, and flexibility when working with different personalities.

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Christian Torda Santos

I am a friendly, yet effective Customer Service Rep with 6 years experience actively listening and responding to customer’s needs, researching and answering queries, and handling returns and complaints. I am good at problem solving and have superior communication skills.

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karen llanos va

Karen Noelle Llanos

I have excellent English communication skills and have worked as a Customer Service Representative. I have extensive training in Call Center processes and communication. I firmly believe in constantly improving, seeking new knowledge, and building good relationships with colleagues.

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zlanne averine valleras va

Zlanne Averine M. Valleras

I am an experienced Customer Service and Sales Representative in the telecommunications industry. I am polite, empathetic and focused on resolving customer’s issues. I genuinely enjoy connecting with customers, listening to their concerns, making them feel like they are important, and then solving the challenge in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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Puleen Gandhi

I have experience working in operations management, client management, coached teams and performed data analysis. I have worked at the escalation desk, monitored calls of agents and provided reports. I am a confident, assertive worker who is responsible, trustworthy and a problem solver.

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Maria Cecilia Orano

I have a degree in Information Technology which makes me a valuable troubleshooting asset when providing customer service for any digital or telecommunications agencies. I am professional, have a good work ethic, and I am able to think outside of the box when it comes to resolving complex issues.

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Joner marte casual

Joner P. Marte

I am a team player with a strong focus on customer service. I enjoy challenging work projects which push me to achieve greater success. I have experience as a market researcher – conducting business and political surveys. I can take inbound and outbound calls, perform data entry and lead generation.

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Jamheel De Jesus

I have worked as a receptionist taking care of customer relations. With knowledge in hardware and software, I have been instrumental in handling customer’s technical concerns when working for a telecommunications provider as a Technical Support Representative. I have also worked as a data gatherer and encoder. On top of that I have a knack for finding ways to streamline and organise company operations.

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Manilyn T. Noynay

I have worked as a Customer Service Representative and Market Researcher. I am computer literate, patient, can work with less supervision and take a positive approach to my work and life. I have been working for a Telco provider and received promotions during my time there.

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ann retuerto va

Ann Marie Retuerto

I have a Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education, and am comfortable communicating in 3 languages – including English. I have experience working as a Customer Service and Technical Support Representative. I am a determined, energetic, honest and responsible person who can work with grace under pressure.

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phoebe va

Phoebe Jeanne Ponce

I am a highly motivated Customer Service and Customer Retention Specialist. I have been responsible to handling customer complaints, solving issues, educating clients on products and services, and building relationships with customers to retain their loyalty. I have also performed market research via outbound calls, conducting surveys to help the company I worked for gauge numbers for political campaigns.

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Lulette Masellones Navarro

I have worked in Customer Service and as a Team Leader for Quality Analysts. I am friendly, hardworking, and keen to do a great job with an eye on advancement in your organisation. You’ll find me easy to work with, that I deliver work within the desired time-frames, and that I can work with minimal supervision.

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Godfrey Racoma VA

Godfrey Racoma

I am a Customer Service Specialist with experience in the telecommunications industry and healthcare insurance companies. I have worked as a CSR for Google Wallet, Google Apps and PlayStore.

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fairy lou tagra va

Fairy Lou Tagra

Having a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, I think it’s safe to say my English (both written and verbal) is excellent. I have a background in Customer Service – problem solving technical issues, handling billing complaints, upselling new products and turning customers into advocates! I have worked in the telecommunications sector, the travel and hospitality industry and the academic market. I am highly trainable and easily adapt to the dynamics of a team.

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Adriane Toleco va

Adriane Toleco

I have worked in the BPO industry covering a range of roles – Customer Support – which included chat and email support, Technical Support, sales, and as an Operations Manager for a financial account. I’m a patient, dedicated individual who understands the responsibilities of running an organisation as I even ran my own food business when I was younger.

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Christopher Sulit

If you need a highly trainable worker with a background in Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales – then I’m your pick. I have excellent English communication skills, am well versed in e-commerce and with a degree in Architecture am well versed in using 3D modelling software and AutoCAD.

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VA John Robert Patricio

John Robert Patricio

My areas of expertise are Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales. I have worked in the Renewable Energy, Health Insurance, Telecommunications and IT for Business industries with clientele across the globe… so you can imagine I have dealt with a whole range of personalities, cultures and ideals! I am an avid learner and enjoy a challenge which allows me to grow.

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Jesamy Ilagan

I am a Customer Service Executive who has worked mainly within the financial sector and my clients have mostly been US and UK based. I have a 1st Year College Major in BSBA Business Economics and professional training as a Call Centre Agent. I am proficient with Microsoft Applications, Social Media and E-commerce Marketing.

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Maria Shermaine Salunga

My desire is to be part of a company that allows me to contribute and grow my skills. My Customer Service tasks have included taking phone calls from clients in the US with regards to billings and services. I have performed basic troubleshooting of cable TVs over the phone and even tracked the status of packages when I worked for UPS International. I am organised, have good communication skills and am a natural problem solver.

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Janice Ann Abog VA

Janice Ann Hernandez Abog

I have worked as a Customer Service Rep, Technical Support Officer and Sales Specialist for a number of telecommunication and Digital companies. I have also been Business Unit Head, responsible for coordinating Program Directors and Department Heads of Universities. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a BS in Education.

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axl rose tan casual

Axl Rose M. Tan

I am a friendly person with natural rapport skills. With a background in nursing I have mastered the art of diffusing potential problems and taking charge of difficult situations. I have worked in Customer Care and as a Healthcare Executive. You can be sure I will work hard and put full effort into whatever tasks I am assigned.

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VA Meriam Toblado

Meriam Tobalado

I am an experienced Customer Service Representative who can easily adapt to changes and work environments. I am motivated, able to work to strict deadlines and proven that I can work with minimal supervision. I have worked with both US and Australian clients making inbound and outbound calls.

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raquel estrella rodriguez va

Raquel Estrella Rodriguez

I have extensive experience in the BPO Industry offering customer service and helping to troubleshoot issues with internet and mobile data. I have also worked in sales and been responsible for contacting leads and warming them for potential sales. I am also adept in managing correspondence and social media accounts. On top of these skills I believe my strongest attributes are my determination and resilience.

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Ariel Reyes VA

Ariel Reyes

If you’re looking for a Customer Care Professional with excellent rapport skills – that’s me. I take great pride in providing a high level of customer service, identifying areas where customer care can be improved upon, and having empathy to see another person’s point of view. I can also assist in general office duties and staff training.

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miriam makungu VA

Makungu Miriam Idambo

I am a specialist in Customer Relationship Management. Not only do I resolve customer’s issues, I proactively find ways to increase customer loyalty. In one of my roles I successfully increased customer service levels to 95%. My key is: I’m a people person who genuinely cares about others. Welcome me into your team and I know I can achieve great things for your organisation.

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Reginald Layson VA

Reginald Rexfer Layson

If you need someone to supply first class customer support in relation to tech – then I’m your man. I have a degree in Computer Programming and have experience as a Customer Service Representative in tech sectors via chat and email. I work well with others and am able to adopt and follow strategies within an organisation.

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Rosse Anne VA

Rosse Anne Capua

I have a passion for providing exceptional Customer Service Support… and my commitment to never-ending improvement is just that – never ending! I have a great work ethic and have worked in a variety of industries – eCommerce through to marketing. My verbal and written communication is of a high standard, and I believe I would be a great addition to your team.

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VA Wendy Abrigonda

Wendy Umali Abrigonda

I am an experienced Customer Service Representative with office administration skills. I have been working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for over 9 years and then successfully ventured out into the virtual world with an Australian client. You’ll find that I’m more than willing to learn your processes and new skills, as well as motivated to perform well in the position you hire me for.

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Ay-la Alayon

If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant who has strong Customer and Technical Support skills – then I can help. I have a degree in Mass Communication, and have experience with inbound calls for handling client issues in relation to use of products, technical challenges, and billing concerns. I understand the importance of building rapport with clients, team members and suppliers – and believe I would be a great asset to your organisation.

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Cyrene Tara Tapan-Sicuya

I am a Customer Loyalty Specialist – working to give customers an exceptional customer service experience so they become advocates of the company I work for. I’d be honoured to have the opportunity to use my skills within your organisation and provide your customers with the same experience.

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Karen Anne Franco

I have been working for a Telstra account for the last 7 years in the areas of Customer Service, Sales and Sales support. With a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management as well, I have good insight into administration and communication. I am also fluent in English – both written and verbal. I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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Chowdhury Rafid

I am a Customer Service Professional with outstanding communication and rapport skills. I have worked in a range of administrative roles – always with the focus on customer support. I have been responsible for managing a team and performing project management. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering I also have the technical background to assist with further support.

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Wendy Viquerra

I have worked in the BPO Industry as a Customer Service Representative, Virtual Assistant, Data Miner and Team Leader. If you make me part of your team, you have my personal promise that I will be committed to helping your business provide excellent customer care and outstanding support.

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Gertrude Sienes

I am a journalist by profession and was a war reporter in Mindanao during the height of the Abu Sayyaf madness. I have worked both as a broadcaster of a prestigious radio network and a print journalist for both local and international broadsheets and magazines. I also have extensive experience as a Customer Service Representative, and knowledge on business, marketing and advertising.

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Bernard Amador

I have 8 years experience providing world class Customer Support. I have developed skills in sales and Technical Support and specialise in e-commerce platforms. I have worked with both Shopify and Amazon seller stores.

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Cernan Ben Canoy

Being the youngest among 11 siblings, I even have nieces that are older me, and one who is of the same age! You could say that in this kind of setting, abundance of food and money would be an issue.

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Kim Honorio

Growing up, I was the shy girl. I was just content seeing everybody run around and play. Probably because I was too scared to trip and fall or lose the game. I also felt that I was different. I grew up without my mom there to raise me as well as my sister who was just 6 months old when she left.
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Raissa Serion-Metante

Raissa Serion-Metante is a Customer Service Representative with experience in resolving client complaints and auditing CSR’s processes with handling complaints for a Telstra (Australia) account. She has also worked in admissions for an educational facility as well as been a Medical Rep for pharmaceutical companies.

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Mary Princess Fernandez

I take my career seriously and like to commit to a company where I can grow and contribute my skills. I have a background in Customer Relations – working with Telco accounts in Australia and the US. I believe in continuous improvement, motivating others to put their best efforts into projects, and being a good listener. I’d be delighted to be a part of your team.

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