Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. I am an Account Specialist and an Event Coordinator. I have learned to make quotations, prepare orders, and do telemarketing or cold calling. I also learned how to canvass and negotiate with suppliers.

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Krizhia Herradura-Torres

I am an Event Specialist who assists in planning, organising and executing events. I negotiate with vendors and contractors, manage attendees, take care of administrative tasks for the events, and take care of all of those extra special touches that make the event a success. I also have experience in Customer Relations, data entry, and order fulfillment. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and training in corporate writing and Business Quality Training.

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Maria Donna A. Lobingco

I am a specialist in event planning and management. My skills include managing people, negotiations, monitoring of budgets and marketing. I am detail-oriented to make sure outcomes at events are achieved, have a positive approach to ensure my focus is on solutions and not just problems, and I am patient – a skill that enables me to connect with clients and the general public.

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Ruth Marie Infiesto-Porquiado

I have extensive experience in event planning and administrative functions. I have organised workshops and conferences from the point of concept through to successful completion. Most of my larger events have been in the Middle East where my tasks involved everything from organising the event and promotions and marketing through to writing content for people’s social media accounts and organising flights and accommodation for speakers and VIP’s.

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Kimberly Diano

I am the youngest of 6 siblings… that might surprise you – but in the Philippines it’s pretty normal to have a large family. I’ve got 4 older brothers and 1 older sister. I am so blessed that God has given me an amazing family.

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