Filipina Feliciano – Tutor

filipina-feliciano-profileHello! My name is Filipina Feliciano, but you can call me Pia.

I was 12 years old when I first fully understood that my family wasn’t well-off. I was in my last year of Grade School then. Despite being a private school student, I didn’t have any of the books we were required to have. I almost didn’t graduate due to unpaid tuition fees. Despite this, I still graduated with honours. Reaping my efforts, I passed the National Competitive Examination, Philippine Science High School’s (PSHS) entrance exam. I decided to enroll in the premier state public school in order to lessen the financial burden my parents had to deal with.

PSHS taught me how to learn and how to understand concepts better through research. Other than the challenging academic atmosphere, PSHS also offered learning experiences in events management and leadership. Apart from being active in clubs and taking a few leadership roles in them, I was in the batch council for some of my years and I was able to successfully create, plan, and spearhead projects like our Batch Field Trip and Batch Camping. I was also part of the fair committee, headed the Minor Events committee and helped oversee the overall planning and progress of the fair.

filipina-feliciano-casualI believe that my social and leadership skills truly blossomed during my time there. I was able to graduate without anything holding me back, having passed the top three universities in the country. I also qualified for and availed the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Merit Scholarship in order to provide for myself during my stay in college.

Right now, I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Physics in the University of the Philippines Diliman. I am also tutoring some High School students as a sideline, in addition to maintaining my DOST Scholarship.

I am 19 years young, but I have many experiences. Being young also puts me at an advantage since I’m willing to learn more. I look forward to enriching my knowledge and experience even further.

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