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Featured Finance Management VAs

Financial Management VA Mary Joy Wisner

Mary Joy Wisner

I have a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and a Masters in Public Administration specialising in Fiscal Administration. I have also worked as a Virtual Assistant for overseas clients as Office and Finance Manager and am also very familiar with email customer support and other administrative tasks. I hope you’ll consider me – I believe I would be a valuable asset to your business.

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Jashmi Doshi

I am a commerce graduate with a total of 7 years of work experience in three different reputed organisations. I have also studied basic foreign languages and am enthusiastic about learning and extending my knowledge. I enjoy helping others and place high value in acts of kindness.

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Jacqueline Po - Certified Financial Planner

Jacqueline Po

I have a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Accountancy from the Lyceum of the Philippines University. And I thoroughly enjoyed my studies as I love working with figures. I have practical knowledge and extensive experience in accounting software, software implementation and auditing. My expertise includes Administration of Accounting Software, and I have worked with a variety of multinational companies in the Philippines.

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Vidhi Sanghavi

I have an MBA in Finance, have lectured on financial markets at MBA Colleges, and have worked for different organisations, gaining expertise in various financial products and services.

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