Floreen Ortega, CB, RCA – Certified Bookkeeper and Registered Cost Accountant

floreen-ortega-profileI believe that dreams do come true as long as we strive hard for it and don’t give up. There are times that we do stumble and fall but don’t let obstacles hinder you from reaching your goals.

Hi – I am Floreen Ortega and my story goes like this…

I have been fortunate, having a complete family and lived with my parents and siblings when I was still very young. My mum was a full-time housewife and my father was a seaman. But everything went downhill when we found out that my father developed a chronic kidney disease.
During my college days, I had to find work because we were struggling financially since my father at that time was sick. I worked as a Customer Service Representative in the retention department where my main responsibility was to retain the customers from transferring their current subscription to another company by offering them promotions that were available in their account. There were also times that I had to answer calls related to billing and sales, in case those departments were busy and unavailable.

Being a resourceful and critical thinker, I thought of some other ways to earn more as I was eager to graduate in college. I eventually came up with the idea of selling snacks at school and even put up a page on one of my social media accounts where I started online selling. With hard work and determination, I graduated and obtained my degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology.

After Graduating, I worked as a Finance and Accounting Analyst in a BPO company for two and a half years, handling different sites in El Salvador, Omaha, and floreen-ortega-in-la-viePhilippines. The responsibilities that I had were making a bimonthly revenue and cost analysis report to executives to be used for decision making, preparing a revenue and cost forecasting report to ensure that operation meets expected earnings and expenses for the month, and act as an agent to support reports to identify under and over staffing.

I have also worked with the Accounting Department, where I had to perform audits of the liquidations submitted by the operations on a daily basis and record them in Xero. I also did monthly invoices, handled internal audits and inventory to identify malicious fraudulent acts, tracked fund and expenditures, daily preparation of cheques, and helped with bank reconciliation and month end closing.

I am also a Certified Bookkeeper and a Registered Cost Accountant (CMA Australia). I am still striving hard to do more and be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. Now my new endeavour starts here as an online freelancer. I know I am confident and capable of handling new tasks and I am not afraid to take on new roles and responsibilities.

For a copy of Floreen’s resume please click here.