Frances Anne Estrella – Accounting/Bookkeeping

frances-anne-estrello-formalI have a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at a reputable university in Manila. My college days were a bit of a challenge academically and financially. Before my last year in college, I had to stop for a year for personal reasons. As the oldest of four siblings, my parents had big dreams for me but life happens and things did not go as planned. After six years of struggling here and there, I managed to graduate in May 2010.

I was excited to work after college, so I jumped at the first job that captured my interest. In June 2010, I worked as a project-based encoder at an interior design company and used my salary to fund my review for the CPA board exams. I was assigned to the Accounts Receivable Department, handling the migration of accounts from manual to a computerised accounting system as well as encoding collections and assisting accountants in reconciling debtor accounts. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my requirements for the Board exams on time. At the same time, I decided to quit my job to look for better opportunities.

I was hired as an accounting clerk in a manufacturing company in June 2011. Initially, I was assigned to the Fixed Assets Accounting Department. Our team handled all transactions related to the PPEs of the company, including monitoring of all movements from acquisition to sale or retirement of assets. After six months, I was moved to the Cost and Inventory Department responsible for the transfer of inventory and services from one cost frances-anne-estrello-gardencenter to another. After another six months, I was reassigned to the Fixed Assets Department to train as the supervisor of the team. I enjoyed leading the team but thought it would be hard to focus for the upcoming board exams, so I left the company. Fortunately, I got my license as CPA in May 2013.

In my pursuit of a challenging environment, I was hired as a Financial Analyst in January 2014 in a BPO company under the General Accounting team. We served as back-office support for a US-based company. I had five years of fulfilling experience with them. Eventually, I left the company in 2019 to focus on remote work and make more productive use of my time.

I work hard for my dreams and I am lucky that I have two kids who motivate me.

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