Francis Lowell Valdez – CSR, Team Lead

francis-lowell-valdez-formalMy name is Francis Lowell Valdez, but you can call me Saku. I am 37 years of age from Rizal, Philippines. I am a Journalism undergraduate from a university in Manila. I was not able to finish my studies due to financial constraints.

I started my BPO stint as a Technical Support Agent catering to an American dial-up account. This was way back in 2005. I did not have a hard time transitioning to taking calls as I have a good grasp of the English language. I was successful and had a few accolades including having the best CSAT scores out of 200 agents. I was on a mission. However, I had to leave my first BPO job after 6 months because of proximity. The stress of traveling three hours every day got the best of me.

I got my second BPO stint as a Technical Support Agent for an American computer brand catering to hardware issues. We would diagnose the customer’s computer and replace computer parts if needed. After 15 months of being an agent, I was promoted to the Team Leader post. I stayed with them for 7 years before leaving as I wanted to see what the other organisations have to offer.

francis-lowell-valdez-dog-showI worked for 3 more organisations as a Team Leader. I have 14 years’ worth of experience in the BPO space, with 12 years of those as a Supervisor. I am an expert in managing a team. I also have a lot of experience with organisational development. My role as a Team Supervisor does not end in managing a team. I also have to create, manage and implement certain tasks for the company, mostly for employee engagement purposes. Office applications such as MS Office and Google Suites are my best friends. I also have extensive experience in client-facing interactions. I have undergone leadership training including Ontrack, Switchgear, and Six Sigma.

I have been married since 2017 with no kids. I have 3 Labrador Retrievers and we occasionally take them out of town for a swim. During my downtime, I enjoy playing video games, singing, running, and boxing.

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