Geneva Llido – ESL Teacher and Administrative Assistant

Geneva Noriel Llido ESL Teacher“Fall down seven times, get up eight” Japanese Proverb

Everyone experiences ups and downs in their lives, and without those experiences you wouldn’t be able to learn and grow.

I was born in the dawn of cold December and I grew up in a middle class family in the Philippines. My dad is an engineer, my mum was a government employee, and I have a little brother who is eleven years younger than me and still in school. I graduated with a College Degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I wouldn’t say that my life is perfect, though that’s how some people view it – because just like everybody else I have had my fair share of ups and downs too.

I love watching Disney movies. Watching those movies and being enrolled in a strictly English only Elementary School is how I developed my English communication skills. Although I will admit I was never one for voicing how I really felt in some situations. I was quite shy – maybe that’s why I was an easy target for bullies. From the bullying and pressure that I received in school I found solace in music – especially with artists like Taylor Swift, One Direction and Bruno Mars. But hey! The bullying played its role, as did Karma, as today I am a better version of myself for my own good.

Geneva Llido VAAfter graduating College I thought I could handle the challenges of being an adult, but living in a third world country made it even more difficult. It took me a while to find a job. Although my parents weren’t pressuring me, I had this mindset where being a graduate means you need to stand on your own and support yourself. That is why I took any job opportunity I could find.

I worked as a substitute teacher for a home school center for half the school year. Then I became an English tutor for an office based ESL company. Finally I worked as an airline ground agent in the airport. I thought my last job would be the one for me, but due to a traumatising life threatening event that happened to me in the airport, I realised that I was not safe there anymore. Sadly, I don’t see myself ever going back to that kind of job again. That is why I am now venturing into a line of work that I have been tempted to try since I graduated from college, but did not due to the fear that I might be scammed.

From the experience of my previous jobs, I have learned to adjust to different kinds of attitudes and to extend my patience. I am capable of doing paperwork, minor proofreading, data entry, and editing since that was how I survived College! I can offer English tutoring, especially to non native English speakers. I am also knowledgeable with the social media world, and I am an active social media user myself.

I know that my skills may not be fully polished yet… and I believe that skills can be developed from further exposure and experience in the said field. I also believe that from the mistakes that we make, we either learn or run away. I choose to learn… and I’m a fast learner! 😉

I hope that you will give me a chance, so I can prove to your company my worth.

For a copy of Geneva’s resume please click here.