George Edward Qua – Team Leader and Site Director

Greetings! My name is George Qua.

Portrait of George Edward QuaPlease allow me to share my life story with you.

I am 35 years of age, born on the 5th of May 1984. I was raised in a big and happy family with 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister. My Father was a Sales Manager working for an automotive company distributing and managing the sales department while my loving Mother was a nurse graduate but invested her time as a full time mum taking care of us 5 children.

My childhood days were filled with love and fun memories growing up. My siblings and I were all very competitive when it came to sports and academics. We would always compete and do our best to oust each other. I actively participated in Basketball games and martial arts (Taekwondo). I played Basketball from a very young age of 7 – and still do, while I also participated in Taekwondo from high school to college. My passion for sports brought me a lot of exposure and I travelled to different places in the Philippines to compete.

I studied in a Chinese school from nursery to middle high school but then later transferred and graduated to a Non-Chinese school due to personal and financial constraints. My high school days experience was one I can never forget. It was the time I was molded into someone who values good education and good friends whom I stayed connected with up to this day. Realisation struck me at an early age that no matter which school you attend, may it be less expensive, less fortunate in terms of good facilities or the least popular school in town, it doesn’t really matter as long as you make and create long lasting friendships and still learn good education at the same time.

After graduating from high school, I went to the University of Saint Lasalle and took up the course of AB Psychology. After a year I shifted my studies to Accounting. I spent a total of 2 years on both courses then later realising I was more of a tech-savvy minded type of a person and so shifted yet again to a different course in a different school to take up information Technology with AMA Computer Learning Center.

Another 2 years passed and something important and life changing came my way… something that tested my decision to take action and man up. I stopped school and looked for a job to provide for and support my soon-to-be family.

In 2006 BPO Companies were starting to make some noise in Bacolod City. You would hear people and friends talking about working in Call Centers as the pay is good and the environment was fun. I decided to give it a shot so I went in and submitted my resume, got interviewed and was hired the same day. My life has never been the same since.

September 2006 to December 2006

I was hired and started my BPO career as a Customer Service Representative for a Cable Company in the US. We provided excellent cable, internet and phone services to our customers in different states from east to west coast. After 1 year and 3 months of being a CSR I was invited to be a part of the training team as a “Training Assistant” and transfer to a different site location in Iloilo to support a new huge telecommunications campaign in the US and take part and help with training. I grabbed the opportunity and helped with 5 training classes and was promoted 5 months later to a Team Leader Role.

April 2008 to August 2009

I was already a Team Leader during this duration and supported the same Telco Campaign with a group of 15 strong agents in my team. During this time I needed to go back home as my girlfriend was about to give birth. Our Site Director allowed me to move back and be with my family so I got transferred back to Bacolod and remained with the Company there until May of the following year, 2010. After my few years of BPO experience I had to go to the states with my Mum and Dad for a few months and later returned to the Philippines around February 2011.

August 2011 to November 2012

Another BPO Company invited me over for a Team Leader Job Posting interview and I landed the job and started the second chapter of my BPO Life in August of 2011. I supported a Canadian Retail Campaign that involved a unique skill set combination of Inbound and Outbound queues. I loved what I did and my VP recognised my hard work and effort and I was promoted as an “STL” or Senior Team Leader just a few months after being hired. As an STL, my scope of work changed drastically and involved handling Team Leaders instead of Call Center Agents, client meetings and campaign management from Key Performance Indicators to people management and employee satisfaction. Being exposed to such exciting responsibilities further helped me grow not just a person but also as a true leader for my subordinates.

December 2012 to July 2016

Hard work yet again paid off as I was promoted from a Senior Team Leader who was handling a Canadian Campaign, to being the first ever Local Manager to have handled, launched and supported a Local Philippine Telco in Bacolod. I was very happy that I was given the opportunity to take lead and take charge of our dual sites catering for this Telco Campaign in Bacolod and in Manila. I was roughly handling around 160 headcount with a ratio of 1:15 per Supervisor under my cluster. A year and a half passed, and I moved onto a different campaign that was similar to my first ever BPO experience – a US Cable-Internet-phone provider. From here I got to handle different departments that involved billing, sales, technical and retentions. Truly, my overall career as a Leader and Manager for this company had grown from a seed to a sweet edible fruit that helped me further advance my career growth in a different work industry. I resigned in July 2016 and took another Job opportunity.

September 2016 to June 2019

Photo of George Qua and his FamilyI was interviewed for a Site Director Role in a web designing company that supported 3 sites – Philippines, Ukraine and the US. My function here was a bit different compared to my previous ones but it surely gave me additional insights on how things can be done in a different light and perspective. I handled 6 departmental managers and taught them basic coaching and people management skills for them to be able to help and understand their teams better. Administrative tasks, basic financials and expense control was more on my to do list and job responsibility. I shared with the team and the company the knowledge I had harnessed and gained over the years by providing and creating house rules and policies, performance and review assessment forms for them to be able to properly assess, and develop and grow our web developers for yearly appraisal purposes.

My tenure with the company lasted for almost 3 years until recently I decided to explore opportunities that would give me more time and flexibility with my growing family at home since I now have 4 lovely kids and I sure did miss a lot of time and family bonding moments over the years due to spending countless hours in the office.

I am someone who has learned, grown and excelled in my previous roles. But I truly believe that every day is a good day to learn something new and further improve not just our skills, but who we are as individuals.


For a copy of George’s resume please click here.