Ghlenn Perry L. Capuyan – Architect

ghlenn-perry-capuyan-vaHi! I am Ghlenn Perry Capuyan.

I’m a licensed Architect and Registered Master Plumber in the Philippines. I’ve been in the construction industry throughout my professional career and this has helped me to improve my understanding in different construction methodologies and materials needed to build any Vertical Structures.

I have gained necessary skills and knowledge to perform relative tasks such as Project Management and Technical Supervision, which serve useful under the often tedious and laborious nature of the Construction.

Despite doing field work for the past years, the creativity of being an Architect has never left me. I’ve always made sure that I get to prepare designs for clients and also engage myself in different approaches in Architecture by familiarising myself with current trends in Building Design and Technology. These have kept my passion and love for arts and science intact.

ghlenn-perry-capuyan-fashionIt is always my greatest joy to learn and to grow in the chosen field I am embarking on. Having said this, I always keep myself accustomed and updated to with latest tools and software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Planswift, etc, which are useful in performing different tasks in Design and Construction in the most efficient way. Likewise, I also make sure that I gain experience from other trades and disciplines outside of my expertise to further my knowledge and appreciation of other professions.

I have worked as a Virtual Assistant for the past three years, under different clients and individuals mostly in the U.S.; providing Technical Drafting and Quantity Surveying and Estimates for them. These work experiences have helped me grow as an individual and I‘ve learned to appreciate the importance of trust given to me. Also, the accomplishments I get from doing tasks like these feel different; it keeps me confident and firm with whatever I do. Imparting my skills and knowledge all over the globe has been an exciting journey and experience for me.

For a copy of Ghlenn’s resume please click here.